Water bottle purses are the chicest way to stay hydrated

Your mom lectured you time and time again about the importance of drinking eight cups of water a day (and no, drinking a Starbucks venti iced coffee doesn’t count), so what better reminder than to strap on your bottle. favorite 17 oz by your side as an accessory? As it happens, water bottle purses are here to do just that – and there are so many amazing options to choose from.

Unsurprisingly, Chanel kicked off the tall water bottle bag movement with its Lambskin Quilted CC bag in its Cruise 2020 line (which you can still find floating around on resale sites like eBay for over $6,500). Soon after, the craze continued during Fall/Winter 2020 Fashion Month when brands like Jacquemus, Chloé, Marine Serre and Kenzo all came up with their own take on the bottle bag trend. And as Spring/Summer 2021 showed up, the momentum was still strong thanks to Fendi raffia tote with matching bottle holder and The luxurious silver-engraved logo bottle by Givenchy with leather straps on the sides.

But now, it’s safe to say that the style has achieved post-trend status, meaning it’s simply a warm-weather staple. This summer (which is supposed to be scorching, so drink up!) there are chic and coveted versions from nearly every major fashion house in the F capital, as well as cult independent designers like Susan Alexandra, who has just collaborated with the Supergoop sunscreen brand! on a cheerful option in its signature colored beads. (Naturally, the piece features an extra pocket to store your SPF.)

Melissa Morris, Founder of Trade London, thinks water bottle bags have become a sought-after item due to the combination of the current lockdown and increased focus on sustainability. But for her, the inspiration to create the bag was in response to requests from customers and friends, which she says many of her designs come from. “They like to tell me a problem to find a solution,” she says. “In this case, I met my friend, Isabelle Kountoure from the Financial Times, for a walk when the lockdown eased in London and she asked me to do this to her.” Morris immediately loved the idea, and during their walk when it started to rain, she had another genius idea: the bags should hold an umbrella too. Water bottle holder adapts perfectly to both daily necessities.

Likewise, Allison Hoeltzel Savini, founder of Officina del Poggio, believes that this emerging bag trend may be due in part to customers making more conscious fashion choices. “Fashion companies have recognized these eco-conscious consumer habits, so it makes sense to create a product that appeals to them,” she says. The brand was arguably one of the first to release a water bottle bag. “We launched the first bottle bag in August 2019 as part of an enduring capsule collection with [model] Arizona Muse“, says Savini. Similar to Métier London, the idea to launch bottle bags for Officina del Poggio came from a personal need. “I kept forgetting my reusable bottle and hated buying bottled water. plastic when I’m on the go.” founder, she should make a bag for her bottle, so she did.

You’ll never forget to drink water again when you’ve got a deluxe baby carrier on you. Ahead, find 11 water bottle bags that will keep you looking cute and, more importantly, staying hydrated.

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