Virgil Abloh’s FW22 Louis Vuitton Varsity Jackets, Bags Drop

The Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2022 rollout continues. The French house is launching the second drop of Virgil Abloh’s latest collection, headlining none other than the varsity jacket.

Since its catwalk debut, Louis Vuitton’s FW22 varsity jacket has topped the wish lists of fashionistas and fashionistas alike. Seriously, it’s the first thing that comes up in a Google search for the collection.

What about the jacket? The playful graphics and vibrant hues? The Abloh touch? Fashion’s lifelong obsession with varsity jackets? If I had to guess, I would say all of the above.

Unsurprisingly, the varsity jacket seems to have come and gone, selling out online and in stores.

Since Solange’s cream university is also unavailable, LV’s $630 keychain version of the already beloved outerwear is the closest thing we’ll get to the real thing ( for the moment).

The Louis Vuitton FW22 men’s collection – or boy’s collection, I should say – sees the late Virgil Abloh fuse elements of innocence, playfulness and, of course, cool with the brand’s timeless design codes.

In the collection, the game of chess becomes a recurring theme, evident in Keepall and Sac Plat de la maison. The purses feature monogram and PVC designs, which reflect the game’s checkerboards.


Louis Vuitton even created its own $4,600 chess set, complete with a transparent Damier board and game pieces engraved with the LV pattern. Tip: Instead of “king me”, say “LV me”.

The floral jacquard pattern becomes an art of living, dressing up pieces ranging from hoodies and trousers to boxes of popcorn and burgers. Yes, you read that right.

The fuzzy monogram makes LV’s angled Soft Trunk even more trippy. The flower bouquets turn out to be bags. Leather basketball shorts and LV trainer 2 sneakers manifest as opulent uniforms. Baroque rangers and derbies are jumping on the chunky shoe train. A Horizon suitcase mirrors an indoor climbing wall (please don’t climb on that $6,000 bag).

And here’s that paint bucket bag again.

Indeed, Louis Vuitton FW22 not only exudes the childish imagination, but also the fresh and playful spirit of the late Abloh, an energy that the brand’s coming era will truly miss.

Nonetheless, Abloh’s latest Louis Vuitton collection is up for grabs on the house’s website for those willing to share memories – and embrace their dripping inner child too.

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