Vanguard launches VEO Active backpacks for outdoor filming

February 23, 2022

To help outdoor photographers spread the gear load, Vanguard has announced its new line of four VEO Active backpacks.

The VEO Active series includes four sizes – the 17 liters Active 42M (which is designed for mirrorless or smaller DSLRs), the 25 liter capacity Active 46the 35 liters Active 46 and the high end 45 liters Active 53. All backpacks are available in a choice of gray or green colors and will be available from March 1, 2022.

The Active 42M can carry a small (non-professional) DLSR body or mirrorless camera, four lenses, a maximum lens size of 70-200mm, a 13″ laptop and a 10″ tablet. It sells for £149.99.

The capacity of the Active 46 can include a DLSR or mirrorless camera, six lenses, a maximum lens of 300mm, a 14″ laptop and a 10″ tablet. It sells for £199.99.

The Active 46’s 35-litre capacity will accommodate a professional DSLR with a grip, six lenses (up to a 300mm f/2.8 or 150-600mm zoom), camera mounts, a 15″ laptop and a 10″ tablet. It costs £229.99.

Vanguard VEO Active 53 shown on the back by photographer Dave Brightwell

Vanguard VEO Active 53 shown on the back by photographer Dave Brightwell

The large VEO Active 53 can carry a professional DSLR with a grip, six to seven lenses (up to a 400mm f/2.8 or 200-600mm zoom), a full-size tripod in the center using the straps provided (and possibly a second tripod on the side), a 16″ laptop and a 10″ tablet. It is priced at £249.99.

The Active 53 also has a backpack section on top for a personal kit (or more camera kit), a zippered accessory pouch (for storing memory cards and cables) and a pouch removable lens cap for lenses up to 70-200mm (to keep an extra lens handy on the waist belt). At the back there is a hidden pocket for a wallet or passport, and the straps and waist also include pockets, many of which are expandable if needed.

It can be configured for a combination camera and personal kit, or any other kit, such as a spotting scope for long birding trips. The camera compartment consists of a removable inner bag with a zippered front and Vanguard’s next-generation smart dividers.

When used in the backpack, the zippered front flap of the camera bag can be closed (adding another level of security and protection), or it can be opened and stored behind the insert bag inside of the backpack, to allow you to open it for easy rear access to your complete kit.

The exterior of the Vanguard VEO Active 42M backpack

The exterior of the Vanguard VEO Active 42M backpack

Aluminum alloy frame

The VEO Active series incorporates an aluminum alloy frame to increase the level of protection of your kit and stiffen the back of the backpack. The backpacks have a well-padded back panel that includes lower back and shoulder padding, and an airflow system to help keep you cool.

On all models except the VEO Active 42M, the hip belt is well padded to comfortably distribute pressure around the waist, and for those who prefer not to use a hip belt, it is removable. On the VEO Active 42M, the padded belt is replaced by a lighter and simpler belt that can be stored when not in use.

The VEO Active series incorporates a waterproof pocket for a hydration pocket on the side. Plus, there are several easy-access stretch pockets on the straps and waistband if you need to carry snacks or water bottles.

Integrated USB interface port

The Active Series incorporates a built-in USB interface port that allows you to place the power bank of your choice securely in the backpack and connect it to your device with the appropriate cables (not included), so keep it close at hand while charging. This is potentially useful if you use something like OS Maps on a smartphone to navigate or need to keep a torch burning.

Steps for using the VEO Active 42M backpack

Steps for using the VEO Active 42M backpack

Each VEO Active Series backpack is made of rugged, highly weather and tear resistant 840D Cordura nylon with waterproof zippers, quality chevrons and reverse double stitching. For wetter days, VEO Active backpacks include a rain cover.

To find out more, visit Vanguard World Website. For expert advice, you can also consult Vanguard Ambassador Dave Brightwell’s thoughts on the VEO Active 53.

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