Vancouver Airport Employee Shares What Happens To Your Bags And It’s Weirdly Hypnotic

A porter at the Vancouver airport gave his TikTok subscribers a rare glimpse of how they stack travelers’ bags for a flight.

The worker says @djsugue on TikTok, has already amassed 3.8 million likes and 75,000 followers for its videos from the airport.

This particular video has been viewed over 26 million times and shows how handlers strategically place bags to efficiently use the small space under the plane – and it’s fascinating.


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One of the defining elements of his videos seems to be the moment he pretends to take a nap while stacking the bags.

People commenting on the video referred to the small space he has to work in, while another said “these workers are underrated” and thanked them for their efforts.

A TikTok user joked that they “never pack heavy bags again, sorry for this man.”

Another viral video posted by the Vancouver airport employee showed what happens to travelers’ pets when they are placed on hold for a flight.

It showed that even though people are upstairs enjoying their food service and drinks, it can be a pretty bumpy ride for our beloved furry babies.

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