Urban Thrill Makes Tote Bags That Are Adorbs Totes

What if being Gen Z meant bringing the past into the present? Baguette bags, designer belt bags, mini bags, nylon backpacks and satchels – the idea that all these old styles can be implemented in a simple tote bag may seem far-fetched, but local brand Urban Thrill proves that a simple canvas can be all of this and more. Take their typography, for example, which uses the instantly recognizable 70s swirls to add a funkadelic element to their fonts.

“It’s important to me that our pieces look like something I and my peers would wear,” founder and business student Sarah Khaled told SceneStyled. “It’s young, it’s all about positivity and impactful messaging. That’s what Gen Z is.”

Urban Thrill’s slow mode production process also reflects this sentiment. Sustainable shopping is more important to Gen Z than older folks (sorry, millennials and baby boomers, but come on, recycle something once in a while). This is part of the reason bags are so popular today. Use it for groceries, cool. Store your laptop and pencil case in it, it works too. A day in town? Do it, son. As a cotton bag, versatility and animal cruelty are the name of the game.

From the retro revival of the 70s to the revival of the year 2000, these tote bags embody this tendency of Generation Z to adapt old styles to more modern creations with socio-cultural statements and sustainable practices. Shop these impactful totes at urbanthrillco.com

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