Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Litespeed The Pilot Batch Backpacks

The FAST Pack Litespeed has long been one of Triple Aught Design’s most popular backpacks, and while the company has previously offered the tactical-inspired pack in a variety of different colors, materials, and versions, TAD has now announced a new customization program for the Litespeed FAST Pack known as Armory Build which allows customers to configure their own pack, choosing from a plethora of color, material and accessory options.

While bringing this custom configurable pack to market, the TAD team experimented with building dozens of prototypes. With the Armory Builder program now launched, Triple Aught Design has elected to sell the first 62 prototypes of bags produced during the development of the project. Known as the Pilot Batch, this range of unique backpacks also includes the new FAST Pack Litespeed: Sterile Edition.

Like Configurable Armory Build Packs, Pilot Batch units are made from a wide range of advanced materials, including VX21, X50, X42, a textured 500 denier nylon and waxed canvas that has been woven from a blend of CORDURA and cotton. The company also uses limited edition fabrics that are limited in yardage and availability. Handcrafted at TAD’s North Carolina manufacturing facility, Armory Build bags can be configured and ordered now on the company’s website, with a build time of four to eight weeks.

Triple Aught Design’s 62 Pilot Batch bags are on sale now, starting at $355. FAST Pack Litespeed Armory Build Custom Configurable Backpacks also start at $355.

Purchase: $355+

Photo: Triple Augh Design
Photo: Triple Augh Design
Photo: Triple Augh Design
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