Tote bags that make a perfect choice for a formal look

Classic Black Tote

Image: Pinterest

Black is a classic and sophisticated choice when choosing a tote of your choice. Moreover, it goes well with almost any color outfit. Choose an all-black tote or opt for a black body-color handle style. With black bags, you’ll never have to worry about stains again!


Vegan Leather Tote

Image: Thegoodtrade

A responsibly made tote bag, like a vegan leather tote, is a wise choice for sure. You can select one from offbeat hues like beige, burgundy, dove gray and others. Leather bags have built-in texture which creates a fairly fine textured surface on the bag.


Suede fabric shopping bag

Image: Netaporter

Totes made with comforting fabrics like suede look trendy and different. Most suede bags are preferred with brown undertones. But you can of course opt for eccentric hues like pink, blue or green, even for your work bag. If a suede tote is your next choice, all you need to do is maintain it by wiping it down if there are water spills or stains.


Square Tote

Image: The Collective

Although rectangular bins are considered a common choice, you can certainly choose an unusual shape like a square bin. The square streamlined structure also looks chic. Go for a textured, patterned, plain or multicolored style. Buy a square tote you like.


Rope Handle Tote

Image: Alibaba

If you are looking for a casual and formal tote, then a rope handle tote is a great option. Besides the body of a bag, bag handles with an interesting design or structure make the bag look extravagant. In addition, the rope handles can also support the extra weight of the bag! Rope handle bags are mostly made with eco-friendly fabrics like jute or cotton. Therefore, tote bags are a great choice to carry, especially on weekends!


Color Block Tote

Image: Etsy

Totes made with two or three definite colors look stylish as office totes. The most common color combination could be beige-brown or black-white. Two-tone bags allow you to complete most of your office attire.


Fashion color tote

Image: Zalando

Most of the time, black, beige and brown are the colors one looks for when buying an office bag. But you definitely break that color shyness by picking up a trendy colored tote. Go for bold or neutral bags. Consider the fuchsia pink, candy blue or mist green tote.


Printed and patterned tote

Image: LBB

If you’ve been wearing plain office bags for a while now, your bag style needs a deserved change. Choose a tote bag enriched with prints and patterns. You can choose from trendy choices like florals, stripes, checks, traditional, abstract, etc. Just be sure to wear the printed tote when wearing the plain or textured outfit to avoid excessive patterning.

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