Too big for a school bag? Please donate your children’s backpacks to children in need

Hands of Love founder Catherine Versfeld talks to Zain Johnson about this laudable initiative.

  • Hands of Love founder Catherine Versveld said many children walked miles to school with heavy school books in a plastic bag
  • She says the ‘I have your bag’ campaign is a campaign to donate previously loved bags to children in need
  • Scroll down to find out more about how and where you can donate school bags that your kids have outgrown

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Catherine says she has always been passionate about helping others and started Hand of Love when she realized she could do more without waiting for others to initiate projects.

This is what inspired me to create Hands of Love.

Catherine Versfeld, Founder – Mains d’Amour

She says “I have your bag!” Is a school bag donation campaign to provide school bags to South Africa’s least privileged children.

A friend and I were talking about how some children in South Africa walked miles to get to school, even on dirt roads, with a plastic bag full of books – and we know how good these are. school books can be heavy.

Catherine Versfeld, Founder – Mains d’Amour

If you have children or know of children who have school bags that they no longer use or need, please arrange to drop them off with Hands of Love.

You can bring those bags you liked before to any of our drop-off points, and we’ll distribute them to those who need them. See drop-off points below.

Please make sure the bags are cleaned before you drop them off

Visit Hands of Love for more information


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