The handbags, tote bags, backpacks and messenger bags that you can carry all year round

For some, a bag is a bag is a bag, something to throw your things in and be in your way. But for some (this editor included), a bag is an extension of personal style, which is just as important as the outfit itself, and therefore should be just as appropriate for the season. It’s easy to find a bag that not only goes with much of your go-to outfit, but also feels on par with the weather outside, in any season, when you start to think of bags as more. than simple containers to store your belongings.

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Utility bags don’t have to be boring, either. You can have fun with the shape and color as long as you keep in mind how it will look in the very hot or very cold months. My biggest tip for finding a bag that will follow you through the seasons (and look great doing it) is to stick with colors that suit all seasons (blues, grays, greens, reds, yellows and more). chestnuts). This means that you can then look into a unique style and shape in December, without it feeling out of place in July.

Here are a handful of bags that you won’t have to change when the weather changes.

Boyy Deon Corduroy Crossbody Bag

Brix and Bailey Burgundy Leather Tote Bag

Anson Calder tote

Backpack Tumi Harrison Bates

Fossil Buckner work bag

Hobo bag Mlouye Flex

Rag & Bone Camden Shopping Net

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