The best school backpacks for elementary school for 2022

The backpacks listed here are designed for elementary school students. They are ideal for carrying school items such as exercise books and textbooks and other stationery.

How big should a basic backpack be?
A basic backpack should be comfortable and safe to avoid hurting your child’s back. Ideally, it should be the same length or shorter than your child’s back. The idea is that the hip muscle comfortably supports the weight of the bag.

Different styles of primary school backpacks
Elementary school backpacks are available in different styles which you choose depending on the height, gender preference and needs of your child. Some of the most common styles include;

Cartoon themed backpacks
This type of backpack has different cartoons engraved on the outer surface of the bag. Cartoons are also often gender specific and while some are more suitable for boys, others are great for girls. They are also often categorized by age with some themes featuring cartoons for younger children and others featuring cartoons aimed at older children. So you should choose one with your child’s favorite cartoon to give them a sense of belonging.

Gender-specific backpacks
Some backpacks in the market are designed for primary school students of different genders. Some will have a bright and visible color with accessories/stickers such as ribbons and teddies, giving them a feminine look.

Others will have a more bland color and accessories/stickers such as rugby balls and off-road vehicles, making them look more masculine than feminine. Therefore, when choosing a bag for your child, read and understand the details to determine its suitability.

Task-Based Backpacks
Elementary students perform different tasks at school depending on their level of education. They will also be engaged in different sports and movements at school. Thus, you will find backpacks on the market that bow on certain tasks.

Some task-based backpacks have a laptop compartment, a whistle, and a bullet compartment, among other things.

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