The Best Large Tote Bags to Hold Everything You Own

Tote bags, and especially big, tall and roomy tote bags, have recently become a necessary accessory again, now that we are all venturing out of our homes again. Stepping into the big, wide world, meeting friends and family IRL — not socializing in front of a screen in our living rooms — we actually have to bring all of our possessions with us. We now need things with us when we leave the house, and our pockets are no longer enough.

And for those 2020 teleworkers returning to daily commutes and commuting to work, have we always been carrying so much stuff? Laptops, lunch boxes, gym kits? Certainly not, huh. Well, put the tote bag back in our grateful arms. The stylish, yet oh-so-practical baby carrier that lets the Mary Poppins among us roam the outside world with everything we need safely packed by our side, ready to go.

So for all our friends who, on a long day, have everything we need, from sunscreen to an umbrella, to a spare jacket or a bottle of water, these chic tote bags and with generous dimensions are made for you. We’ve researched the best tote bags, both from designers and high street, for every budget.

Check out our editor’s top picks here and never be caught out again…

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