The best designer handbags to invest in will last a lifetime

We know they’re super expensive, but hear us out…

As valuable as they can be, a designer handbag is a statement and something you will have for a lifetime.

With the new fashion season coming, we are yearning for something new for our accessories collection.

A designer bag is a long-term purchase, and a timeless one is something you can use over and over again without worrying about it wearing out.

It’s an investment, they’re so much more durable than any street bag and when it comes to getting them for less, second-hand is the way to go.

Pre-owned and second-hand designer bags have grown an average of 8% per year over the past decade, so they are definitely worth looking into.

There are plenty of “it bags” this season, but which will stand the test of time, and which will go out of fashion as quickly as they arrived?

That’s where we come in, we’ve compiled a list of 10 bags you should consider if you’re looking to make that big investment, from Gucci to Prada, there’s something for everyone.

the Gucci Small Diana shopping bag, €2,850.

the Saint Laurent Small Manhattan shoulder bag, €1,890.

the Saint Laurent Cassandra mini handbag, €1,990.

the Loewe mini Flamenco pouch in nappa calfskin, €1,400.

the Prada clutch bag in recycled polyamide and branded leather, €425.

the Bottega-Venetta mini knotted leather shopping bag, €1,200.

the blackberry Lily handle top, €1,095.

the Celine mini banana bag, €1,950.

the Givenchy Medium antigone, €1,850.

10. The Chanel classic handbag, €7,300.

Whilst we are very aware that these bags are not cheap, they are classics which means most can be had second hand and for a bit cheaper, but it always depends on availability.

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