The best camera backpacks are rounded up by BBC Countryfile Magazine

Whether you’re a wildlife photographer who wants to edit their work immediately or an amateur videographer happy to travel miles to get the perfect shot, a purpose-built camera backpack will keep your gear safe in one place.

With so many camera backpacks to choose from, we’ve put together a list that offers a variety of benefits, from bags that can store multiple cameras and batteries for professionals, to ones that can withstand bumps, drops and to bad weather.

So if you’ve got a long trip and lots of photos planned, or you’re a curious hobbyist looking to capture the scenery on your next hike, we’ve got you covered with our suggestions below.

The best camera backpacks to buy in 2022

Tario Camera Backpack

Weighing barely 0.83 kg empty, this backpack still has the capacity to store 12 liters of equipment.

The interior features six shockproof dividers that can help separate and organize your gear, ensuring your lenses and camera body are safe and comfortable, with an extra compartment for your laptop or tablet.

The exterior of the backpack has two straps at the bottom which are ideal for holding your tripod, and there are mesh pockets on either side which can be used for any extra bits.

Made of polyester, this backpack should be light but strong, rainproof thanks to its water-resistant materials.

YuanWen Canvas DSLR Camera Backpack

This canvas bag from YuanWen offers plenty of storage space for your DSLR camera and accessories, with padded dividers that will keep them safe. The bag itself is also shockproof, so if you accidentally drop it, you won’t have a bad surprise when you look inside.

Storage options are versatile as the dividers are removable, so you can choose between carrying more gear or converting it all into a regular backpack with a single camera and room for a flask and sandwiches.

There’s also a separate partition for your MacBook if you want to upload and edit photos on the go.

Vanguard Veo GO Backpack

Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry while storing plenty of gadgets for your camera, the Vanguard Veo Go can hold your camera as well as three lenses. Or you can swap out your DSLR for a small drone that can fit indoors instead.

There is a handy storage section on the side for your tripod and a separate section inside for your laptop.

If you want to keep your personal items close at hand, there’s extra space for those too, and the kit comes with a rain cover so you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet. value be damaged if time turns.

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Manfrotto Chicago Camera Backpack

This versatile camera backpack has plenty of compartments and accessories so you can pack everything you need for your particular photo assignment.

The main storage compartment should have enough room for your camera body and a lens, and can even be removed and used as a small shoulder bag if you want to travel light.

However, if you prefer to keep all your gear with you, there are easily accessible areas on each side which are ideal for storing extra lenses, as well as a pocket on the back for your laptop and an attachment which will hold a take. from your tripod.

Valkyrie Camera Backpack

If you’re looking for a bolder bag with a design that stands out, the Valkyrie is a bit more out there, made with rugged fabrics that can withstand the lifestyle of a professional outdoor photographer.

Once the zipper is fully open, it should provide very easy access to a number of customizable dividers, as well as zippered pockets offering ample capacity for any essential cables or hard drives. There’s even a carrying strap on the outside for your tripods or monopods.

The bag is water repellent which should help protect your valuable gear when the weather turns, with the added bonus of a ‘frog’ pocket where you can store items that have already been caught in the rain without risking the water does not transfer to your other electrics.

PhotoSport Outdoor Backpack

Designed for adventure photographers who need a sturdy backpack to see them through tough terrain, the PhotoSport Outdoor Backpack should be nice and lightweight, so it can be carried around without too much hassle. There’s even a two-litre capacity hydration pocket inside to quench your thirst on those long rides.

Thanks to their ActivZone™ harness system, it should be comfortable to carry even when full of your camera gear, with a padded hipbelt that will keep things snug.

The material of this backpack is also resistant to rain, snow and even dust so that you are ready for any weather.

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Red squirrel on a branch, Getty

Truckee Camera Backpack

Suitable for a more laid-back explorer who wants to snap a photo of the beautiful scenery, this Lowepro Truckee backpack has room for a small DSLR camera as well as a spare lens or two so you can experiment with close-ups or wide shots.

A rear zipper will keep things secure while you walk, and there’s extra room for non-photographic gear like a flask or laptop.

Gitzo Adventure Backpack

Perfect for birdwatchers or landscape photographers, the Gitzo Adventury backpack has plenty of padding to protect your gear. You can stow your usual camera kit and even set up a drone inside if you’re looking for a panoramic view of the view.

Zippers on the bag and bottom material have been coated to help protect your valuables from wet ground or wet weather, and there are several straps that can be used to store your tripod or even a waterproof mat so that you have something to rest on. while you walk away.

Alongside your camera gear there are slots for a laptop or tablet, with space for your personal items like keys or wallet.

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Beschoi camera backpack

If you are someone who likes to carry a lot of gear for all possible scenarios, this backpack may be the answer. Able to hold two DSLR bodies, it can also handle up to six additional lenses and a speedlite flash at once.

There’s also extra space for a laptop so you can transfer and review your work on the go, all protected in a nylon exterior that should repel any water, whether it’s a spilled drink or of an unfortunate forecast.

The shoulder straps have been designed to distribute the weight of all that gear inside, with extra padding that should keep you comfortable as you explore the outdoors.

MOSISO Camera Backpack

Crafted with a hard outer shell, this backpack should protect your camera setup from the inevitable knocks and bumps when hiking a trail or traveling through the mountains. The front is also waterproof, which will help protect your electrical devices, while the back is padded for extra comfort on those long walks.

It has an anti-theft pocket that’s perfect for keeping personal items in your possession, and the inside of the bag has room for everything you’ll need, from cameras and lenses, to batteries and memory cards, and even a DJI Mavic drone.

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