The 10 best tote bags to carry your gear in 2019

We have tested the best tote bags on the market to present this list to you. From the iconic IKEA FRAKTA to the elegant Filson oilcloth, this best tote bag review has a tote in mind for everyone.

A tote bag is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment, for use in town or in the woods.

You can put any gear you want in the tote thanks to its extremely simple design. And most are resistant to heavy transport (like firewood) and use. When used in the city, they eliminate the need for single-use bags that simply end up in the landfill or as trash.

Over the past few years, there has been a surge of tote bags released from major outdoor brands. YETI, Filson, The North Face, Flowfold and many other tote bags released, all part of the tote bag trend.

Although we did not torture the bags, we did use them for daily groceries and camping trips. Read on for our top 10 tote bags.

The best tote bags of 2019: review

Large Grab ‘N’ Go Filson x Mossy Oak Camo Tote Bag: $ 150

The Filson Grab ‘N’ Go tote bag has lived up to its name in the few months I’ve had it. The bag is big enough for a solid grocery run, stylish enough for a weekend trip, and durable enough to withstand the abuse I put on it on a farm.
Nicole Qualtieri, GearJunkie Hunt & Fish Writer

Filson x Mossy Oak Camo Tin Fabric Tote Bag

Flowfold Zip Porter 16L Zip Tote Bag: $ 58 (On sale now)

Flowfold Zip Porter - 16L Zippered Tote Bag

Flowfold makes their Zip Porter tote with X-Pac fabric, a proprietary blend of CORDURA and diamond patterned polyester yarn for added tear resistance and stability. The result is a super tough yet incredibly light fabric. This tote works well on the go and has an additional zippered pocket for your essentials.

In addition, Flowfold is made in the USA.

Flowfold Zip Porter 16L Tote Bag

IKEA FRAKTA bag: $ 12 (Set of 5)

IKEA FRAKTA tote bag

The IKEA FRAKTA has penetrated the outdoor scene so much that I’m not sure if I see more of these bags in my local climbing gym or the nearest IKEA.

Inexpensive, durable and massive: IKEA FRAKTA is expanding its use far beyond the aisles of the Swedish home goods store. For only around $ 2.50 per bag, the FRAKTA works exceptionally well for carrying your camp sleeping system, camp cooking gear, climbing gear, or just about anything else.

Of all the bags on this list, the FRAKTA certainly offers the best bang for your buck for your shiny blue money.

Buy the IKEA FRAKTA tote bag

YETI Camino 35L Tote Bag: $ 150

YETI Camino 35L Tote Bag

It might be the opposite of the IKEA bag, but when you pick it up you will understand the steep price. In typical YETI fashion, the Camino Carryall 35L bag is super oversized to last a lifetime. It uses an exclusive ThickSkin Shell layer and an EVA bottom, which is very durable and abrasion resistant.

The Camino Carryall is one of the stiffer tote bags on the list, making it a great addition for more specialized camp activities, like hauling lumber. It’s also waterproof, allowing it to be used for unexpected tasks like washing dishes, carrying water, and protecting dry gear. This thing is hard as nails, surprisingly versatile, and will last forever.

Shop the YETI Camino 35L Tote Bag

Deus Ex Machina Tyler bag: $ 53

Deus Ex Machina Tyler bag

I have been using the Deus Ex Machina Tyler bag for a few years now, and it has become my go-to for carrying all my cycling gear. He resists abuse and looks good on it. One of my favorite things about this tote is the zipper, which essentially turns it into a decent sized duffel bag.
Bryan Frank, GearJunkie Web Designer

Shop the Deus Ex Machina Tyler bag

Tabor North St. Bags: $ 50

Tabor North St. Bags

This is the ultimate tote. The 1000 denier CORDURA construction is indestructible and the nylon fabric lining wipes clean easily. It’s big enough to carry gear, groceries, or camping supplies, and I love that the interior zippered pocket keeps keys easily accessible. Plus, I like knowing that it’s made to order locally in Portland, Oregon.
Mallory Paige, GearJunkie Review Writer

Shop North St. Bags Tabor Handbag

Mobius Daily tented tote bag: $ 54

Tentree Mobius Daily Tote

Tentree, a certified B-corp whose mission is to plant 10 trees for each product sold, has just launched a tote bag made from seaweed. Due to increasing global temperatures, Bloom, the brand that makes the moss tentree, has collected the excess algae that would otherwise damage ecosystems and made it into an effective product.

The Mobius is an eco-friendly choice with fun graphics and a simple design.

Shop the Mobius Tempted Daily Tote

Patagonia Market tote: $ 29

Patagonia Market tote

No bag list would be complete without a simple canvas bag. Patagonia makes the Market Tote with outdoor prints and recycled waste from Patagonia’s production shop.

Patagonia Market tote

The North Face x Christopher Raeburn bag: $ 177

The North Face x Christopher Raeburn bag - recycled tent tote

The North Face recycles old tents to create a striking tote bag, dubbed the TNF x Christopher Raeburn bag. Each tote is unique due to the different scraps and tents used in production. And because it uses tent fabric, this tote has to stand up to use.

Please note: This collaborative tote from The North Face is only available in Europe. But the brand manufactures other large tote bags, such as the Source Tote Bottle, which uses a durable and recycled canvas. To collect, The North Face diverted 160,000 pounds of plastic bottles from the waste streams in national parks.

Buy The North Face Christopher Raeburn bag

eqpd LastBag tote: $ 30

LastBag Eqpd Tote Bag

We just received the LastBag at the eqpd office, and we can say that this bag should last for a while. Eqpd has sought to do away with single use bags by creating an alternative to last a lifetime. The brand makes their LastBag with the same material used for whitewater rafts, which has a tear resistance of 90 pounds.

It has a shoulder strap for multiple carrying options and will stand on its own when placed on the floor. Plus, monochrome and two-tone tote bags look great.

Shop eqpd LastBag Tote

Tote bag test conclusions: the best bags to carry your gear

Many of the bags on this list are expensive. An inexpensive alternative is the tote bag, which you can find in the checkout department of your nearest supermarket. We use them too, and they work well.

But given the rise of tote bags from big and small brands, we had to see what all the hype was all about. Many bins on this list are for those who want to add personality, or even function, instead of the classic grocery store tote.

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