Telfar’s new handbags are a mystery, but shoppers are still lining up

A guest at Milan Fashion Week wearing a Telfar bag. Edouard Berthelot/Getty Images

Telfar, the unisex clothing brand founded in 2005 by designer Telfar Clemens, has announced an upcoming product release on its website with the kind of marketing genius you’ve come to expect from the company.

“YOU ASKED FOR IT – so we FINALLY created a ████, in conjunction with ████®, featuring ████, ████ and ████”, the heavily redacted mark announcement on Twitter readsredirecting shoppers to a link so they can lock in a “blind pre-order”. Blind pre-orders generally refer to consumers ordering a product without knowing the price. Telfar reversed this strategy by listing item prices, but blurry images articles that have not yet been published. The idea is simple: customers won’t be sure of the design of the bags they buy, and they won’t know which designers or artists the brand collaborated with to create the new bags. They’ll just have to trust Telfar’s taste. The company did not respond to the Observer’s request for comment.

Already, net sleuths claim to have deduced that Telfar collaborated with Eastpak, but if the project was scolded, it does not matter. It’s rare for a fledgling brand to establish such a level of trust in customer loyalty so quickly. Clemens, a Libero-American who is from Queens, New Yorkearned their trust by prioritizing inclusiveness and democratizing high fashion by offering them affordable prices luxury items.

Telfar is very popular”Shopping bags“handbags start at $150, and larger ones are $257; these prices barely fluctuated last years, even as Telfar’s success soared. The label “It’s not for you – it’s for everyone” philosophy, coupled with a sleek logo and cult status that has seen the bags dubbed the “Bushwick Birkinhas won die-hard fans and paid dividends for the brand. Telfar is a notable achievement in an unstable time for the fashion industry.

Telfar is a fashion success story

In 2020, the year of the management consulting firm McKinsey projected the fashion industry would lose 90% of its profits, Telfar launched its bag security program: the feature guaranteed shoppers access to the brand’s products without robot dealers or wholesale buyers grab the goods. Telfar’s first drop after the introduction of the generated program $20 million.

In September last year, Telfar launched Telfar.TV, an app-hosted television network born out of a collaboration with artist collective Umma Chroma. Describe by the company As a “TV channel without any content – because we’re tired of being content for other channels”, Telfar.TV gives users access to app-exclusive drops. The brand also distributes rewards to users who upload interesting videos to the app.

With these intuitive and forward-thinking marketing strategies, Telfar uses social media pictures shoppers with their bags for promotional material – the company seems to be paving the way to the ubiquity of the fashion world.

Telfar's latest handbags are a mystery, but shoppers are still lining up

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