SYNC PR Wins Southeast Asia’s Best Start-Up PR Agency

KUALA LUMPUR: Leading PR agency SYNC PR was named the best PR agency for Southeast Asian startups at the 2021 APAC Insider Business Awards.

This crowns a solid year for the public relations and content marketing startup that has continued to develop and grow despite a slow recovery from the pandemic. The agency was chosen from a competitive pool of public relations agencies in the region.

“While we don’t measure ourselves by awards, this reflects the team’s strong commitment to bridging the gap between PR and Southeast Asian startups and SMEs. Despite the challenges we all faced, the team continued to focus on what is best for our customers and partners, which resulted in another award for the company, ”said Terng Shing Chen, founder and CEO of SYNC.

SYNC’s success can also be attributed to its bold approach to innovation and new methods of public relations, which has kept it important in the digital age and making public relations more accessible to businesses.

The agency has accumulated a client base of over 250 businesses and built a solid list of repeat clients. The team has also grown by 20% with the addition of new members mainly in Singapore and Malaysia.

Although the recovery has been slower than expected, SYNC sees a lot of potential and growth opportunities in Malaysia. With the initiatives announced with the 12th Malaysia Plan, they have identified specific untapped and underserved segments in SMEs and startups that require support from companies like SYNC.

“There has been a resurgence of interest from Malaysian-based startups looking to expand their marketing over the past six months. We have received dozens of new business inquiries since the start of 2022 alone and we are confident that interest will only grow in the market, ”said Terng Shing.

Currently, 30% of their portfolio comes from Malaysia, which they plan to increase to over 40% by the end of 2022.

Despite the pandemic, SYNC has continued to demonstrate resilience with increasing investments in the region. The agency is committed to constantly striving to push and develop its capabilities, especially with more and more companies ready to engage with digitally driven teams and travel.

The needs of the Southeast Asian startup have evolved beyond “simple public relations” and in order to stay ahead of change, SYNC has invested its resources in expanding its products and services. . This includes video production solutions for businesses that need affordable production and editing of virtual content to connect with their communities. In addition, SYNC also continued to innovate in its public relations and content strategies to keep pace with the changing business landscape in Southeast Asia.

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