Swapping my tote bags for a backpack is the best decision I’ve made all year

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I’m one of those girls – you know the type – who wears everything she owns with her all the time. We’re talking about computers, notebooks, magazines, water bottles, snacks, makeup, sportswear, an extra sweater and more chewing gum than I would like to admit. For the past seven years, that has meant a daily commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back with one of my giant Mary Poppins-type tote bags to hold all of this trash – and one side of my body supporting the weight of weight.

A few months ago, it started to catch up with me. My right shoulder ached constantly and I had visions of myself aging into an unbalanced old woman, crippled by the weight of a lifetime of personal belongings carried on one arm. I tried using smaller handbags, but it turned into several canvas bags on the handbag to store my computer, lunch, or sneakers for the ride. Determined not to be a lady with bags, I gave in to the practicality and decided to buy a backpack.

The last time I bought a backpack was probably in 1997, and it sure wasn’t cute. It was one of those giant LL Bean monogrammed school bags – I’m sure you remember it from grade school or middle school – with puffy suspenders and two huge pockets. Somehow, with my leather tote bag blinders, I hadn’t paid enough attention to the fashion brands producing bookbags over the past few years. There are now so many stylish, grown-up women sporting the look without looking cheesy or like little kids.

To make up for lost time, I did my fair share by browsing the huge (and expensive) selection of designers on sites like Net to wear and Farfetch – $ 1,690 Gucci backpack, anybody? But ultimately, I didn’t want to spend more than $ 100, so I was thrilled when I stumbled upon the new New York-based brand State Bags, which has a number of options in fun colors that range from 80 $ and $ 125. . (As a bonus, they also donate a backpack to a needy American schoolboy with every purchase.) I went for an $ 80 satin black, because black goes with everything and the silver zippers make it look like it’s meant to wear with my motorcycle jacket (which I wear all the time). It has a roomy pocket, a slip for my laptop, two zippered front pockets for my cell phone, my wallet and various loose items (like makeup and gum wrappers) as well as a small side pocket in which I keep my keys.

And the best part? No more back pain and no more fear of permanent bodily harm from the tote bag. Why the hell did I wait so long to make the change?

Check out the bag I bought below, along with some of the other styles from State Bags.

State Bags Lorimer Backpack, $ 80

Smith denim backpack

State Bags Denim Smith Backpack, $ 80

Adams backpack

State Bags Adams backpack, $ 85

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