Sevilla Rangers fan lands lucky ticket to Europa League final with genius sandwichboard stunt

A RANGERS fan has managed to grab a dream ticket to Wednesday’s Europa League final – after a brilliant stunt on a sandwich board.

The fan, who was among tens of thousands of people who traveled to the Spanish city without a ticket, messaged a local print shop in a last-ditch attempt to find a game brief.


Dale McGuire with his sign in SevilleCredit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Dale McGuire, 36, told the Glasgow Times he “had to come up with something that would catch the attention of locals”.

Before leaving Scotland, he contacted Lumaprint in Seville, who made him the sign which reads: “I am a football fanatic wishing to see his beloved Rangers. I am offering €500 for 1 ticket .”

Speaking to The Scottish Sun, a member of staff at Lumaprint said: “I’m a football fan myself, but I was quite impressed with how much he was willing to pay for a single ticket.

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“He contacted me on my business profile on Google. Most foreigners do.

“He first told me that he needed a board. I thought it would be a sign to bring to the game or any celebration related to it.

“But then when I got the information on what he wanted on the board, I saw he was looking for a ticket for the game.”

After walking for a few minutes, a local passed the Scot – chasing him minutes later with an offer.

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He told the Glasgow Times: “He wanted €1,000 for two, as my ad said, €500 for one. I emptied my wallet and gave him €840 plus £25

“I was totally in disbelief that my plan had worked. I was feeling a bit in tears at the time, but the sheer jubilation started and I was singing with delight.

“The seller was thrilled too; he originally got the tickets for free.”

The print shop designer was very happy to know that the Rangers fan won a lucky ticket in no time thanks to his handiwork.

They added, “My store opens at 10 a.m., and he was there before I even opened the store, waiting for his sign.

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“I gave him the board with its two holes on top so he could use a string to carry it around afterwards.

“I didn’t have any string in the store, but I pointed out where he could get it and he left very happy to buy some string to finalize his idea.”

It is believed that over 100,000 Rangers fans have traveled to the Spanish city from around the world to watch the Ibrox side take on Eintracht Frankfurt in the crucial showdown.

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