River Island’s ‘Cute’ Handbags Giving Shoppers ‘Super Cool Girl Vibes’

River Island shoppers are loving two “cute” handbags that remind them of the Powerpuff Girls.

The high street brand is a shopper favorite for its stylish clothing, shoes, accessories and more.

River Island often publishes his latest must-have articles on his PageInstagram to keep its 2.4 million subscribers informed of new or in-store releases.

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The brand recently shared an image of two mini tote handbags – one in a berry pink hue and the other in a bright blue color.

The bags cost £34 each and are embossed with a crocodile skin pattern. They have a short handle, as well as a long shoulder strap with chain details.

The handbag is also available for purchase in a smooth patent black color.

The caption shared with the photo on River Island’s Instagram reads, “So good, you’ll need two.”

Many shoppers were quick to “like” the post or share their thoughts on the bags in the comments section below. One said, “They’re cute, I get power puff girl vibes.”

A second commented: “Can’t wait for this bruise!!”

Another person alerted a friend to the bags who replied ‘how beautiful’ and the pal added ‘the blue is beautiful’.

Someone else mentioned a friend and wrote, “we might get a match”.

The River Island pink handbag is not currently available to buy online, but you can purchase the blue one here and the black here.

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