Preble HS will implement security measures, no backpacks are allowed from December 20

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WFRV) – Preble High School welcomes back-to-school students on Monday, December 20, with the administration implementing new changes to keep students safe.

Officials from the District, Preble Administration and Green Bay Police Department say they are confident the students will be safe at the school, according to a statement to parents. They underline in the press release that the threats received recently have been thoroughly investigated and that the students responsible for them have been taken into custody.

New changes

Preble High School officials say the following changes will be in place from December 20 to 23: ADVERTISING

  • Access to the building will be restricted.
    • School officials say students will only be able to enter and exit Preble High School using gates 1 and 21 throughout the day. The exception would be an emergency evacuation.
  • Student backpacks will not be allowed in the building.
    • The press release states that students should only bring the necessary items for school.
    • If students arrive at school with a backpack that cannot be stowed in a car or sent home with a parent, officials say they will need to store it in a district truck that will be parked on the Preble visitor parking lot. A locker room system will be used to ensure that students can retrieve their rucksacks at the end of the day.
  • Instead of a backpack, drawstring bags will be available for all students entering school on Monday.
    • School officials say it will help students carry their items to and from classrooms.
    • The statement said students will be able to take the drawstring bags home. Upon returning to school, officials said the drawstring bags would be searched by staff.
  • The student’s identification will be verified at the entrance to the building.
    • Whenever a student enters the building, authorities say they will need to show identification or wait for their identification as a Preble student to be verified.
  • Dinner will be served by picking up take-out bags.
    • The press release explains that the dinners will be in a take-out format – available at Doors 1 and 21.

Will this continue after December 23?

Officials in the Preble administration have said they will assess whether these protocols will continue after the winter recess.

They say they understand that the extra security measures can cause delays in entering school, so they are asking students and parents to plan ahead.

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