Passengers are still waiting for their luggage more than 24 hours after arriving on Air New Zealand’s new direct New York-Auckland flight

Lladó told Newshub Air NZ he is “waiting” and if he buys clothes while waiting for his luggage, they will reimburse him for the cost of the items.

Lladó is traveling with Lucía Teva who told Newshub on Monday “we want our things, we want our clothes”.

“We have nothing to wear, nobody helps us, [we are] just admin on documents and we’re a bit lost,” Teva said.

Teva told Newshub on Monday that she didn’t know how long it would take them to find their luggage.

“I want to cry. It was the first time that we had an international trip because we were from Europe and we always traveled in Europe and it was good and now the experience is really bad for us”, Teva said.

Another passenger on the flight from New York whose luggage also went missing said he was told his luggage would arrive on Tuesday.

“We were told they would arrive tomorrow [Tuesday] morning, I think we have to take this at face value. It’s nice that they at least know where they are I guess because there are a lot of them [bags] disappeared,” the passenger told Newshub on Monday.

“I think the problem is on JFK’s side, it wasn’t the best experience recording and general start-up issues probably contributed to that, so that’s a little disappointing.

“The flight itself was great, no complaints from the Air NZ crew, it’s just one of those unfortunate things.”

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