Oversized tote bags to empty everything you need on the go

Women find themselves in difficulty, especially when choosing the right handbag for the day. A handbag that survives for a long time despite being overfilled is always preferred. If you’re having trouble locating your stuff in your purse, try these oversized tote bags. They help you empty all your essentials while leaving some room for your hand to spin in your bag. Check out some handpicked tote bags that you wear under the sun or the moon.

1. Brown faux leather tote bag

This tote bag is extremely spacious and has a zip closure. With one compartment and three pockets, this tote bag is ideal for carrying multiple things on the go. You throw away your laptop, tablet, number of books, makeup products, etc. without worrying about its safety.

Price: Rs. 1960

Offer: Rs. 449

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2. Black PU Tote Handbag

This handbag has a beautiful crocodile structure and a jet black color. There are two points on the bag, which makes it durable enough to carry large and heavy items. It has a magnetic closure and a large compartment to store your everyday items. Speaking of looks, this is a trendy tote handbag that you can wear every day in style.


Price: Rs. 2399

Offer: Rs. 1107

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3. Metallic tote bag

This tote bag is a faux leather bag that has a metallic coating. It has a zipper closure to make sure your stuff doesn’t fall out of the bag when you are on the desk. It has a brown colored strap that effortlessly complements the reflective coating of the bag.


Price: Rs. 2499

Offer: Rs. 1349

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4. Chic tote bag

This chic tote bag has a water resistant texture. You can clean the outside of the bag with a damp cloth without worrying about its beauty. On the inside, it has a soft velor lining so you can feel mushy when you put your hand inside. It has a secure magnetic closure, with a zipper and two open pockets inside.


Price: Rs. 1499

Offer: Rs. 1299

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5. Faux leather and jacquard tote bag

This tote bag is for the old charm that resides within you. It is detailed with intricate patterns and has detailed streamlined stitching. Plus, it features a smooth polyester lining with a concealed zipper. It’s a perfect bag to walk around all day long.


Price: Rs. 1999

Offer: Rs. 1007

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Which bag is your BAGWATI? Put down your things, close them easily and start your outings in the blink of an eye. So these tote handbags are here to save you from the stress of multiple handbags.

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