Our favorite tote bags for work and travel

With its long straps, rectangular shape and wide top, the tote handbag looks deceptively simple. But, as anyone who owns one (or three) will tell you, it can become the most useful and versatile bag in your wardrobe.

Between sportswear, groceries, toiletries, books, or almost anything else, bags can carry almost anything without hassle. Plus, the low price of most canvas bags means you can throw them on the floor without worry. And, if the naughty illustration of the bags of The New Yorker is an indication, they can also show your personal brand.

Whether you prefer the utility of a canvas variety or are looking for a fancy bag to take to work every day, we’ve found 18 of the best tote bags for spring.

The best everyday canvas tote bags

Everyone needs a canvas tote. They offer just enough structure to easily carry groceries, sportswear, a laptop or just everyday essentials. Plus, they can be found in a variety of fun designs at affordable prices.

  • 1. The Cotton & Canvas Co. reusable tote bag, $ 19, Amazon

Choose from 37 different word games, from “I’ll Love You Pho-Ever” to “You’re My Butter Half,” and any of these bags would be perfect for carrying notebooks and a tablet around campus, for take your favorite book and cover with you. for a day at the park or even a run to the grocery store.

The organic cotton in this reusable tote is made “using a process that reduces the amount of fabric waste generated during production,” according to the Patagonia site. In addition, the inks are free from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, and phthalates, reflecting the company’s ecological mission.

  • 3. Bamfield Herschel Supply Co. tote bag, $ 65, Amazon

If you want to upgrade your canvas tote without spending a fortune, we love the durable construction and vibrant color of this Herschel bag. It’s lined with striped fabric (fun!) And has all the pockets and compartments you need to stay organized when you’re on the go.

The best tote bags for the job

The key to finding a suitable tote for the office is to look for one with a sleek shape and sturdy structure – perfect for holding laptops, lunch, makeup, and a book or two. While black is a classic choice, we’ve also found some colorful work bags that will brighten up your work outfit as well.

This large structured tote in 100% Italian leather from Everlane can be used all day. It’s available in seven colors ranging from neutral navy blue to black to bold cherry red and soft pastel pink.

  • 2. PA. Contrast-lined faux leather tote, $ 49, Nordstrom

This reversible bag features a faux leather look and an additional pocket for small items.

  • 3. Steve Madden Trevor faux leather work tote bag, $ 45 (usually $ 98), Nordstrom Support

A neutral pastel pink is a great way to inject some color into your spring wardrobe. This Steve Madden tote comes with an attached pouch for small essentials.

  • 4. A New Day scallop tote handbag, $ 35, Target

Another fun update for spring? White leather! We love the fun polka dots and scalloped edges of this bag from Target.

The best tote bags for travel

For days off, a tote bag can be the perfect solution. Whether you’re packing supplies for the whole family or tossing a few outfits in a bag for a weekend getaway, an oversized tote comes in handy.

  • 1. Katahdin Everyday lightweight tote, $ 35, LL bean

This fun LL Bean branded tote offers enough space to be a duffel bag. The durable straps allow you to toss this one in the trunk of the car for your next spontaneous trip!

  • 2. Cathy’s Concepts Oversized Monogram Tote Bag, $ 70, Nordstrom

This Cathy’s Concepts tote is even bigger than it looks, giving you room to store everything you need for a long weekend. Add a monogram at no additional cost and never mistake your bag for someone else’s again.

  • 3. Market tote with leather handle, $ 88, Ground

For weekend shopping in spring, channel your inner Parisian with this traditional market tote. Durable leather wrapped straps and a straw body make it perfect for picking up treats from the farmer’s market.

  • 4. Large Longchamp Le Pliage tote, $ 145, Nordstrom

A true classic, this tiny bag folds up and features a zip top for easy access to all your essentials. Plus, the nylon exterior rarely wears out.

The best tote bags for the gym

Yes, even your gym bag can add style to any outfit. We have found three practical and aesthetic bags, perfect for carrying your sports equipment.

  • 1. Under Armor Women’s Printed Tote Bag, $ 40, Amazon

With a wide base and a drawstring top, this cute silver tote from Under Armor comes in five colors and is roomy and durable enough to carry your sweaty workout gear.

  • 2. Camo Compressible Tote, $ 48, Athlete

The best part about this Athleta tote? The bottom opens to reveal a compartment just for your shoes!

This bag has a yoga mat strap and separate pockets for your laptop, water bottle, dirty workout clothes and more, so it’s as functional as it looks.

The best tote bags for the beach

It’s never too early to start planning (or dreaming) about your next beach getaway … and looking for the bag you’ll want to pack!

The pompom detail and the straw material of this Mark & ​​Graham bag make it stand out.

  • 2. QOGiR neoprene multipurpose beach bag, $ 40, Amazon

Neoprene is made for the beach! It repels sand and dries quickly. This bag comes with a removable plinth, so you can make it as sturdy or as compact as the day requires.

  • 3. Moskus Gear beach bag with interior zipped pocket, $ 16 and more, Amazon

Fun stripes and zipped compartments make this bag the perfect addition to a tropical getaway … or the perfect bag to pack any day looks like a vacation.

  • 4. Dejaroo mesh beach bag, $ 18, Amazon

This Amazon Choice waterproof beach bag has enough pockets for everything you might need and is available in 12 different colors. Plus, the mesh will make it easy to clean up after a day of sand in the ocean.

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