O Womaniya Pack Your Bags for These 5 Best and Safest Trips to India for Solo Travel

Solo trips for women: Ladies and ladies. Yeah, it’s your travel pit stop. We know that somewhere inside you is a lonely traveler looking for the right place to go on an adventure. Everyone longs for that “me time” where we indulge in some self-reflection and allow ourselves to soak up some quiet time. Traveling alone is one of the best ways to go about it. There’s a sense of freedom we achieve and, mark our words, you’ll have some of the most memorable anecdotes to cherish. This will not only give you a chance to have a date with yourself, but also a great learning experience.Also Read – Karnataka’s Best Kept Secrets: 7 Unexplored Gems to Put on Your Travel Bucket List

India has an endless list of destinations to visit, but we have selected some of the safest and best trips for traveling solo as a female traveler.


Colorful French colonies in Pondicherry

Guardian of French heritage, Pondi, as it is often called, is one of the most picturesque serene towns in Tamil Nadu. For the full solo experience, we recommend renting one of these bikes and then paddling through town. There are colorful French colonies, so have a Kodak moment with the aesthetic backgrounds. Then you can visit the magnificent churches, take a walk on the beach or go to Auroville. There are also great cafes and pubs for a delicious meal and drink and a dance party lost in the mood. Pondicherry is the perfect place to pamper yourself, recharge and explore undisturbed.


Varkala, the best destinations for female travelers

Spectacular and serene Varkala (Image credits: Unsplash)

Want to hit the beach without being cliché with Goa (But Goa is love!)? No worries, there is a quirky alternative. Varkala, located in Trivendrum, is a hidden gem in God’s country, Kerala. It’s dotted with colorful bazaars to hoard, quaint cafes for a great dinner, and of course clean, serene beaches. It is a peaceful town living in its own glory. With plenty of beach activities, a temple, a lighthouse to visit, as a solo traveler this can be a good starting point.


Shillong, the best destinations for female travelers

Breathtaking peaks at Shillong (Image credits: Pixabay)

Shillong is simply stunning, period! No words are enough to justify the beauty it contains. Shillong, nestled in the Seven Sisters state of Meghalaya, is blessed with abundant vistas, deep gorges, pristine waterfalls and mouth-watering delights. The warm welcome of the inhabitants will make you crack. There are ethnic tribes in Shillong that keep the native roots alive. It can be considered one of the safest places and a perfect getaway to get lost in your own scenic daydreams.


Hampi, the best destinations for women traveling alone in India

Historical ruins of Hampi (Image credits: Pixabay)

Want to tickle the history buff in you? Then Hampi in Karnataka is the ideal place to visit the historical heritage in peace. This UNESCO heritage site is said to be the largest and richest human settlement once upon a time. It boasts of the unique architecture of the Vijaynagar empire and also displays some of the Indian culture and history of the bygone era. Get that adventurous soul in you and visit Hampi soon. Plus, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


Gangtok, best destinations for solo female travelers in India

Serene landscapes in Gangtok (Image credits: Pixabay)

Oh so wow! These will certainly be the first words you will speak when you discover the splendid beauty of Gangtok in Sikkim. One of the popular hill stations, it sits at an altitude of around 1650m above sea level. It is an ideal place to indulge in hiking, sightseeing or wine tasting. of a single kitchen. Teesta River, Ganesh Tok, Rumtek Monastery, Tashi View Point are the ideal sightseeing spot. When you wake up at dawn to witness a breathtaking sunrise over cloud-capped mountains, it’s going to be heavenly, and that my friend, will be the highlight of your solo trip. Does the lone traveler in you crave freedom more?

Hey woman! What’s stopping you? Spend some quality time with yourself and enjoy a soulful solo vacation!

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