North Penn volunteers load 200 backpacks with donated items

North Penn School District volunteers and their assistants pose with backpacks filled with items donated to students. (Photo courtesy of North Penn School District)

LANSDALE — The North Penn Educational Foundation has been running its annual “Build-a-Bag” school supply campaign for the past few weeks, and this week staff and volunteers came together to fill backpacks for students in the need.

Since 2018, the foundation has coordinated staff, donors and volunteers from across the community to collect supplies from locations across the district, then brought them together in a central location in August to build filled backpacks for students.

These students are identified and backpacks are donated by guidance counselors at each district school, and the backpacks are intended to help ease the financial burden that school supplies can bring, allowing students to focus solely on their studies, according to the district.

This year produced a record number of donated items, according to a school district spokesperson, allowing staff and volunteers to fill more than 200 backpacks. Backpacks were sent to all 18 schools in North Penn this week, with many more filled and ready for students who are transferring or in need during the school year, according to the district.

Staff members fill backpacks on a chain with donated items. (Photo courtesy of North Penn School District)
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