Nearly $ 1 Million in Luxury Handbags Stolen from Florida Store

PALM BEACH, Fla .– Palm Beach Police are investigating a smashing theft of high value handbags at Only Authentics.

Police said they are now looking for who carried out a heist of goods valued at up to $ 1 million.

The owner of Only Authentics said the burglary happened on Tuesday evening.

The thieves stole as many as 16 Hermès handbags, some worth over $ 100,000 each.

Alex Piquero, a criminologist at the University of Miami, said it was likely the work of some type of organized criminal.

“It just shows you that they don’t care, and they have it so much that they have it down to the second,” Piquero said. “I have” x “seconds to get in. I have a car waiting for me on the street, and there’s probably another car two blocks from where it’s going to be loaded, loaded, loaded on, loaded -you.”

What’s even more surprising is that the heist was apparently carried out just hours before FBI agents descended on Worth Avenue and closed the Danieli Gallery on Wednesday.

Agents from the Art Crime Team were still at the gallery for a second day on Thursday. They still don’t say what they’re investigating, but Palm Beach Police insist there is no connection to the robbery on the street.

Stolen handbags appear to be a highly prized commodity. Recently, there have been reports of similar burglaries across the country targeting the expensive bags.

Piquero said that even covert online sales of this type of merchandise may be the exact lead that leads police to thieves.

WPTV’s Matt Sczesny first reported this story.

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