‘My Neighbor Totoro’ x PORTER bags drop as Miyazaki does not retire

Mark: PORTER x Studio Ghibli

Model: My neighbor Totoro backpacks, backpacks, tote bags, pouches and wallets

Release date: December 10

Price: 18,150 – 47,300

To buy: The PORTER site, selected stores and resellers as Dover Ginza Street Market

Editor’s Notes: Hayao miyazaki returned, all is well with the world. The founder of Studio Ghibli is apparently not stepping down once again – by pure coincidence, PORTER is launching a selection of bags and accessories that honor My neighbor Totoro, Ghibli’s flagship animated film in 1993.

As I said, the timing of this Totoro collaboration is pure coincidence, rather than a connection to Miyazaki’s withdrawal or the pursuit. Ghiblifest in America. It is still quite fortuitous.

Miyazaki has been pretty intermittent with his retiree status, first announcing it in 2013, then returning to help out on How do you live? in 2016 before taking another break.

The 80-year-old is apparently back for good now.

Meanwhile, venerable Japanese bag brand PORTER is preparing the above Totoro-themed items, which range from convertible backpacks to strappy wallets.

They capped a record year of PORTER collaborations, including KAWS Special Drops, Buzz Ricksons, G-SHOCK and JJJJOUND.

But the Totoro The pieces may be PORTER’s best of the year, reinventing the markings on the fuzzy belly of the eponymous creature in the form of plush fleece pockets and panels above her iconic nylon tote bags, some of which are can be removed and used as stand-alone pouches.

On the inside, the reference is reinforced by a thematic print of Totoro’s forest house, matching the olive nylon exterior of the bags.

All of the cute bags are as useful as anything PORTER has done before, ensuring they will enjoy the same longevity as any of Miyazaki’s best films.

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