Michigan District demands see-through backpacks for students after deadly high school shooting

A Michigan school district is demanding that some students use see-through backpacks after a gunman opened fire at the district’s high school in November, killing four students and injuring seven others.

Superintendent Tim Throne of Oxford Community Schools announced in a statement last week that all middle and high school students will be required to use see-through backpacks “for now” when they return to school this month.

Elementary school students, however, do not have to wear a see-through backpack, but are required to keep their backpacks in their lockers or lockers throughout the day. They are not allowed to carry their bags during school hours.

Elementary and middle school students are expected to return to class on Monday, according to NBC News. Students attending Oxford High School, the site of the shooting, have yet to receive a return date.

Throne said the students were ordered to show up to class on Monday without their usual backpacks or other school supplies and that they will be given see-through backpacks.

The superintendent said the district had enough see-through backpacks to distribute to middle school and high school students “because of the generosity of so many in our community.”

Student Ethan Crumbley, 15, faces 24 counts of allegedly shooting four students and injuring seven others. He was indicted as an adult and faces charges including first degree murder and terrorism causing death.

His parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, have also been charged in connection with the shooting. They each face four counts of manslaughter.

Last week, Throne said law enforcement would be present in all buildings in the district, including staff from a personal security company the district has hired.

Trauma specialists and trained therapy dogs will also be available in schools.

In one video accompanying last week’s announcements, Throne said, “I know it was a different Christmas and a different holiday for a lot of us.”

“Keep reaching out and supporting each other with your thoughts and prayers and reaching out to your neighbors. I know it made a difference in the lives of many people, ”he added.

The Oxford school district is currently the target of a complaint filed in connection with the shooting. The lawsuit, which targets $ 100 million, was filed by the parents, Jeffrey and Brandi Franz, of two sisters who were in high school at the time of the shooting and survived, according to The New York Times.

One of the students, Riley, 17, was shot in the neck in front of her sister, Bella, 14, according to the Times.

Throne, the Oxford Community Schools District, Oxford Secondary School Principal Steven Wolf, the Dean of Students, two guidance counselors and two teachers were among those named in the lawsuit, according to the Times.

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