Media backpacks testify to the quality of Chinese products

With the Beijing Winter Olympics starting in less than 30 days, several reporters were reported to have been seen at the Media Center with backpacks for the 2008 Beijing Olympics media.

It reminded many internet users of an old Chinese song, “Your backpack, worn so far, is still intact.”

A foreign reporter with a Beijing 2008 Olympic Games media bag at the Beijing Olympic Winter Games Media Center this year.

Surprisingly, such sightings are not uncommon as the bags were used by journalists at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Rio and London.

So why do people love the 2008 Beijing Olympics media bag so much?

Many foreign journalists have remarked that “the media bag of the Beijing Olympics is the most practical and the strongest”.

Last year, an Iranian reporter at the Tokyo Olympics confessed he wore it to every competition.

“Because it’s very good quality,” he said. “It is specially designed for professional photographers.”

A Spanish journalist also carried his bag to London, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo. The bag does not seem to have worn.

Media backpacks testify to the quality of Chinese products

Many foreign journalists are fond of the media bag of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

This year, journalists around the world covering the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games will receive a new media kit.

Since the Beijing Winter Olympics coincide with the Chinese New Year, the media kit includes work items such as notebooks and pens, lifestyle items such as thermos mugs and hat sets. hot, as well as cultural memorabilia such as the character Fu, paper-cut window flowers, Chinese bows, and badges.

Media backpacks testify to the quality of Chinese products

The media bag for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Media backpacks testify to the quality of Chinese products

Some netizens said that the media kits for the Beijing Winter Olympics this year “will allow more foreigners to see the high quality of Chinese products.”

We believe that at the Paris 2024 Olympics, Milan 2026 Winter Olympics, Beijing 2008 and 2022, media bags will undoubtedly appear in media centers again. With the footsteps of global media journalists, they will become a symbol of China.

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