Meal prep containers and bags under Rs 1999 to reduce your working hours in the kitchen

Preparing meals ahead of one’s schedule is called meal prep. The rushed lifestyle of millennials who don’t mind skipping breakfasts and lunches for work has popularized meal prepping. Meal prep can lead to more nutritious meal choices in the long run, as you cut out junk food and prefer cooked foods. Here are the meal prep containers and bags you need to grab your food or freeze it in your fridge for the next morning. This way, on weekdays you can focus entirely on work and save weekends to prepare your meal for the week ahead.

Glass Food Storage Containers

Since we tend to store our prepared meals in the fridge or freezer, airtight eco-friendly glass containers are recommended. These containers with locked lids are lightweight and easy to clean after use. Made from high quality borosilicate glass, they are also microwave safe.

Price: Rs 1135

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Hermetic jars

If you want to take your smoothies or juices to work, it’s best to keep them out of your laptop bag or regular water bottle. Finding the right container to hold liquids can be a challenge, but these clear jars with airtight lids are perfect for any meal prep enthusiast.


Price: Rs 427

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Silicone containers

These stackable silicone boxes come in different sizes, which can hold fully prepared meals, leftover salad dressings, dry pantry goods, and more. Its airtight covers make them ideal for the office, classroom, camping, road trips and more.


Price: Rs 899

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Insulated lunch bag

This sleek looking bag is designed in such a way that it can accommodate your meal prep containers effortlessly. Also, you can put your food, snacks and fruits into the bag directly. It’s made of water-resistant fabric and is easy and convenient to carry in your hands or hang on your arm like a handbag.


Price: Rs 399

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Oliveware Lunch Set

While the airtight, leak-proof containers prevent moisture from damaging your cooked foods, the bag ensures the longevity and portability of this product. It comes in the form of a set of three containers and a bag that adapts perfectly to all.


Price: Rs 603

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Wooden Lid Containers

If you have a thing for the aesthetics of your containers, these glass meal prep containers with wooden lids are just perfect. The transparent container lets you spot what delicious meal is inside without opening the lid. Grooved lids ensure your containers are neatly stacked for convenient food storage in the fridge or cupboard.


Price: Rs 1139

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Box and Bag Set

We love this chic looking bag that can also be worn as a shoulder bag that you can carry to your college or office with the accompanying glass meal prep containers. Containers come in round, rectangular and square shapes.


Price: Rs 1139

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