Lynn Camp middle and high schools say goodbye to backpacks | Local news

LYNN CAMP – Students were supposed to return to high school and college at Lynn Camp on Monday, but the first snowfall of the calendar year shattered those plans. Instead, students were given a Non-Traditional Day (NTI) on Monday and had to return to in-person learning on Tuesday. Their backpacks weren’t.

In a Facebook post dated Sunday, Jan. 2, Lynn Camp schools said teachers told students ahead of the Christmas break that students in Grades 6 to 12 would no longer be allowed to wear backpacks. in high or middle schools in Lynn Camp upon their return from Break. The Facebook post was meant to serve as a reminder to parents.

The Facebook post clarified that female students would be allowed to carry a small purse, if necessary, and that student-athletes would have a designated area for their bags, which could be picked up after school starting at 3:15 p.m. lockers are to be allocated to students this week.

Knox County Public School Communications and Governance Director Frank Shelton on Monday confirmed the decision to the Times-Tribune via email.

“Lynn Camp is using this transition over the school year to begin implementing this policy,” Shelton wrote, adding that Knox County Middle School had implemented a similar policy over the “past few years with a lot of success”.

Shelton also wrote that with most textbooks remaining in the classroom and work now accessible at home via technological devices, the need for backpacks decreases, which was observed at Knox County Middle School. , he added.

Shelton said the positive feedback from Knox County Middle School’s implementation of the no-backpack policy ultimately led to Lynn Camp’s implementation of the policy.

“This is something the district plans to implement system-wide in the future for our senior students,” Shelton noted.

Shelton said Lynn Camp’s decision had nothing to do with recent rumors of threats against Knox County schools that quickly spread online.

The school district on Saturday released a statement saying that the threatening image that circulated online Thursday, December 30, was investigated by the Knox County Sheriff’s Department and Police in the United States. ‘State of Kentucky.

According to the sheriff’s office, the image which contained a snapshot of a conversation about a threat was originally posted several months ago and does not involve Knox County or Kentucky, the district statement said. school.

“MPs have conducted over a dozen interviews and coordinated leads with Kentucky State Police and other agencies. KSP was able to identify the first parties involved. The initial threat is part of a preliminary investigation, ”the statement said.

He goes on to say that the person responsible for recirculating the social media post was located in another part of the state and has no connection with Knox County or Knox Public Schools.

“Due to the nature of the investigation and the ages of those involved, no further information is being released by the sheriff’s office,” the statement said.

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