Lululemon Nano backpacks are what cool dogs wear on TikTok

If you’re about to buy a Lululemon bag for your dog, here’s what other shoppers had to say about the new It Dog accessory.

One wrote, “Perfect for your fabric gworl dog. My pup loves it!! I attach it to his harness. So cute.”

Another echoed those sentiments, writing, “Backpacks are great for little dogs!!” Lululemon even responded to this criticism, writing, “Our puppies need wellness gear too.”

A Lululemon customer shared, “I caught this after buying a new leash for my German Shepherd who loves to walk around with his treats. It was the perfect size for a few poop bags and another treat bag, maybe also fit in one of his tennis balls if needed. Honestly a good size for your keys to hold airpods and a few other things too! Might have to pick one up to match him.

One pet owner said, “I’ve used this for my bags and dog treats and it’s so cute!!!”

“Pairing with my dog,” wrote one shopper, adding, “Yes, I bought this for my dog. And I have the matching belt bag everywhere because that’s how we ride. This bag is the perfect size for a roll of poop bags, treats and a tennis ball for our adventures at the park and on various dog-friendly and pandemic outings I attach it to my dog’s harness or handle of the leash… I love that we match each other and that we receive critical looks but especially compliments and cries of ‘so cuuuuuute!’ that my dog ​​and I enjoy.”

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