Loungefly Unveils New Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars Mini Backpacks for San Diego Comic-Con 2022

Next month, fans from all corners of the universe will descend on Southern California for the return of San Diego Comic-Con or SDCC as the cool people say. As always Funko will be there with an immersive three booth experience, Funkoville and they have already started showing off their latest Loungefly collectibles.

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What is happening:

  • Summer is coming and that means it’s almost time for San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC)! The longtime fan-favorite convention is the place for reveals and announcements from all the nerdy corners of the universe.
  • Of course, it’s also where you’ll find the latest and greatest merchandise themed around the shows, movies, comics, and characters we know and love.
  • This year, Funko is bringing Funkoville to the show with an interactive movie theater, restaurant and grocery store, Loungefly Boutique and Mondo Record Store.
  • If that wasn’t enough, they also unveiled the limited-edition Loungefly styles who will make his SDCC debut.
  • Among the 2022 reveals are Disney, star wars and wonder mini backpacks that will provide you with a fun and fashionable tote that represents your favorite franchise.


We can’t get enough of these cosplay-style mini backpacks that celebrate Pixar At the topby Disney The princess and the Frogand a skeleton point!

Mr. Fredricksen may be a little grumpy, but he has a good heart. Take him with you on your adventures with this mini backpack that features his face, bow tie and Grape Soda button. Look closely and you’ll notice that the zipper pull includes a charm from his tennis ball cane.

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Louis brings the sounds of the bayou to anyone who wants to listen and while this version of the adorable alligator won’t serenade you, he glows in the dark! This cosplay bag features side pockets, Louis’ trumpet, and a mini version of firefly buddy Ray.

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Oh no! Stitch got himself into some serious trouble and I for one am shocked! The little troublemaker is shown here in skeletal form, with attached ears and outstretched bony arms. As a bonus, this design glows in the dark.

Where to buy: hot topic

star wars

We can’t be quite sure which Star Wars project this is (A new hope Where Boba Fett’s Book) but we do know that 2022 marks the 45th anniversary of the first Star Wars movie and our introduction to the Tusken Raiders or Sand People.

From the sea of ​​dunes and sands of Tatoonie comes this spooky Tusken Raiders cosplay bag. A fully masked face makes up the design and even includes dimensional “spikes” at the top of the bag.

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This year, Loungefly is focusing on Gamora and Captain Carter, Marvel’s badass ladies, making it easier than ever to remember that you’re powerful no matter who you are.

Part of the ongoing Infinity Saga collection (celebrating Phases 1-3 of the MCU), this Gamora bag doesn’t show her face, but rather her cool fashion sense that combines style, functionality, and projection. A Longungefly | The Infinity Saga medallion adorns the lower right corner of the bag.

Where to shop: 707 Street

Captain Carter made his MCU debut in the summer of 2021 as part of What if…? and now it’s coming to Loungefly! Just like Captain America and his red, white and blue costume, this bag is inspired by Peggy Carter’s British flag-inspired look that lets you know exactly who you’re dealing with!

Where to buy: FYE

Good to know:

  • San Diego Comic-Con is being held at the San Diego Convention Center July 21-24.
  • Customers can experience the Funko experience for themselves at Funkoville located at:
    • Booth #5341
    • Booth #5137
    • Booth #5145
  • Funkovilled is accessible to all guests with official SDCC badges.
  • Throughout the convention, the company will be hosting live streams, games, giveaways, and randomly giving out prizes at Funatics!
  • Please Note: Booth Tour does not guarantee any items specific to Funko, Loungefly or Mondo booths.
  • Items can sell out by the time guests arrive at the front of the queue.
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