Lake Orion to require clear backpacks when students return – The Oakland Press

When students at Lake Orion High School return to the building on Monday, December 13, they will be required to use see-through backpacks.

After a school shootout, it is quite common to require transparent backpacks. When 17 people were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in 2018, clear backpacks were required of students when they returned to class several weeks later, even though the gunman did not. was not a current student.

Lake Orion is geographically the closest high school to Oxford where a shooting killed four students and injured seven on November 30. Students from both high schools share friendships and, this week, heartache.

A statement sent to The Oakland Press read: “The Lake Orion Community Schools Administration is constantly reviewing and improving safety and security measures in schools and buildings in the district. The LOCS staff and community have provided great support in recent days, offering suggestions on safety and security measures and everyone is accepted and appreciated.

“Moving Lake Orion High School to clean the backpacks is another step in this process. We have had a tremendous response from the community, including donations for families in need, around the announcement of the switch to clear backpacks when students return to in-person learning next week and we appreciate this link. Instead of eliminating backpacks, we are moving towards the clear version because students need items to continue their quality education.

Lake Orion transparent backpacks will only be allowed to hold school-related essentials.

Online prices on Amazon range from $ 19.99 to over $ 60. Transparent backpacks and handbags are often needed at sporting events and concerts.

It is not known how many school districts across the country require see-through backpacks.

Gun safety experts tend to be skeptical of backpack rules. “I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are unnecessary,” Michael Dorn, executive director of the nonprofit school safety association Safe Havens International, told Bloomberg CityLab. He heard some directors sing the praises of see-through backpacks. “But generally speaking, it’s very easy to hide weapons there.

“In our experience, most students discover its limits,” Dorn told Bloomberg. His organization has consulted over 8,000 K-12 schools on safety policies. “They are not that hard to beat for the inconvenience they cause.”

At this point, it is unclear what precautions will be taken when Oxford High School reopens. In fact, a week after the tragic shooting, no return date has been set for the high school, according to the district’s website.

At Lake Orion, to ensure a safer environment, the building is closed to students for classes this full week as enhanced security procedures are implemented in the building, according to a letter sent to families by Superintendent Ben Kirby. Students will learn remotely until they return to the building on Monday.

Transparent backpacks are only part of the safety equation at Lake Orion.

In his letter, Kirby wrote: “Many of our families have reached out, asking for specific improvements in school safety. While there are some processes that cannot be shared publicly to ensure greater security, there are some visible steps that we can explain that students will see.

“In in-person high schools (Learning Options High School, all three colleges), administrators or security personnel can ask students verbal questions as they enter. Just like last Wednesday, there will be an increased presence of the police in addition to the three school resource officers who work daily in our buildings. In addition, we have campus monitors who are in our buildings every day. “

The Oxford shooting reverberated across the country.

Transparent backpacks were ordered by Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC) school principal Earnest Winston.

“The news of this week’s tragic school shooting in Michigan is disturbing and strikes near our homes as we see an increase in fighting in schools and more guns on campus. This is unacceptable, ”Winston wrote in a letter to staff and parents, according to “We are facing a crisis of student aggression and violence within our community and our schools. Firearms have no place in schools or in the hands of children.

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