Japanese artisans design ultra-specific leather handbags

It’s a beautiful thing when craftsmanship, so demanding and requiring such intense concentration, intersects with pure pleasure. Such is the case with The pleasure of wearing. Launched by the Japanese leather goods maker Tsuchiya Kaban in 2020, The pleasure of wearing is a design initiative in which individual craftsmen have complete creative freedom to create a container for carrying objects – a kind of bag. The first project to debut was that of Yusuke Kadoi watermelon bag. It is a bag specially designed to carry a single watermelon. It even features flexible panels and a sturdy, rounded handle for added comfort when carrying such a heavy item.

This was followed by the Yukidaruma Bag (yukidaruma Is translated by snow buddy in Japanese) by Yuko Matsuzawa. This particular handbag is made of water-resistant leather and has a thermal insulated polyester interior lining, perfect for carrying your very own little snowman. Matsuzawa explains that she was “inspired by the first snowfall of the season – looking out the window on a cold morning, seeing the first snowflakes falling to the ground and being filled with the desire to share this moment with someone. that you like”.

In 2021, the elegant structure Wine glass bag was unveiled, designed to carry a single glass of wine in style. The still charming Skipping stone bag was also unveiled this year, offering a unique carrying case for individual stones that can be worn around the waist or across the body. Each design so far has been an original interpretation of functional accessories. While they now offer ultra-specific bags, Tsuchiya Kaban hasn’t always been a brand known for its eclectic taste.

Tsuchiya Kaban got its start 50 years ago making durable and comfortable schoolbags for children. Since then, she has expanded her repertoire of minimalist handcrafted leather goods to bags of various shapes, sizes and functions. According to their website, the artisans of Tsuchiya Kaban draw on the brand’s “decades of accumulated leatherwork experience and technical expertise to continually change and innovate, resulting in a line of leather bags for adults with a manufacturing process that requires an incalculable number of steps”.

Each of these steps is carefully executed by the artisans of Tsuchiya Kaban – the leather is measured, cut and sewn by hand, the work of a professional, an artisan. Yet these unique bags, expertly designed and meticulously crafted, evoke a childlike wonder, a smile of surprise. What feeling could there be, other than pleasure, at the thought of rocking a sleek bag comfortably holding a single glass of wine?

If you’re in Japan, you can see these bags in person at a traveling exhibit that takes place at Tsuchiya Kaban outlets. These exhibits will showcase the bags alongside videos of their production processes. For more information

Japanese leather goods maker Tsuchiya Kaban’s The pleasure of wearing allows artisans to freely create original handbags, including this watermelon bag.

Watermelon sitting next to watermelon bagJapanese craftsman, Yusuke Kadoi, creating his watermelon bag

Also in the collection, Yuko Matsuzawa Snowpal baga carrying case for a small snowman.

Leather handbag designed to carry a miniature snowmanSomeone showing the Snowpal bag, which contains a miniature snowman

It is made of water-resistant leather and lined with thermally insulated polyester.

Detail of water droplets on the Snowpal bag, which is made of water resistant leather

This Wine glass bag is designed to hold a single glass of wine.

Wine glass next to wine glass bagDetail of the handle of the wine glasses bagWine glass bag side detailMan carrying a leather bag designed to hold a single wine glass

There is also the Skipping stone bagwhich is designed to carry multiple jump stones and can be worn around the waist or across the body.

Two friends each carrying the stone bag to jump on the shoulderSkip Stone BeltSkipping Stone belt pouch detailman using jumping stone belt holding stoneTsuchiya Kaban: Website | Facebook | instagram | Youtube
h/t: [Spoon & Tamago]

All images via Tsuchiya Kaban.

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