In the United States, they demand bulletproof backpacks to fight the epidemic of school shootings

The idea is that if fired, the child can use the backpack as a shield, but David Artman, founder and CEO of a specialist safety store, says that when buying this type of products, parents should take them. Taking into account a number of factors, given the situation experienced in the United States, where its demand is increasing rapidly.

The school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which killed 19 children and two teachers in May, still exists among teachers, students and parents in the United States, and is also mentioned in the list of withdrawal materials Is. schools, that this next program will include bulletproof or transparent backpacks.

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David Artman, Founder and CEO of Security Specialist Stores home security supermarket tells Efe that he has seen an increase in both searches over the past 30 daysIt’s like selling those weird backpacks.

Last month, about 9,000 people searched for this kind of backpack on the Artman store website, Interest was also detected from other sellers and manufacturers of “armoured” backpacks, up 3,655% from the previous month.

Regarding sales, Artman says they’ve grown overall, but it’s hard to count them for school use because “many children today are about the same height as an adult.” And it is impossible to know how many backpacks are on the backs of minors and adults.

The idea is that, in a shooting situation, the child can use the backpack as a shield, but Artman reminds that when buying this type of product, parents must take into account several factors, such as : What type of protection they want, size and weight.

For instance, a backpack With emoticon design, your store is for children with 3A protection level, that is Can block almost any pistol shot, including 9mm and 44mm Magnum bullets – it weighs 2.5 lbs and measures 16.5″ tall by 12″ wide,

Artman advises parents to cut out the dimensions they’re looking for out of cardboard and consider whether their child can be protected, noting that a larger size means more protection, but at the cost of more weight.

“We do our best to let you know that not all backpacks are burst resistant and the AR15 certainly does not burst. (the rifle used by Salvador Ramos in the Texas school massacre),” he says.

transparent backpacks

Other schools looking for greater security have opted for various other solutions. Yes indeed, Many school districts in Texas will require students ages 6-12 (11-18) to wear clear or mesh backpacks this coming school year.,

“We suppose that Transparent or mesh backpacks alone will not eliminate security problems. This is one of many phases of overall planning. To better ensure the safety of students and staff,” the Dallas, Texas school district said after announcing the move in mid-July.

The district has already purchased transparent backpacks and is ready to distribute them before the start of the school year.

a security theater

Ken Trump, president of the national school safety consulting firm National School Safety and Security Services, assured that Bulletproof and transparent backpacks offer a kind of “peace of mind” For parents rather than for students as “security in itself”.

Additionally, Trump, who is not related to the former president, says these products are more “bulletproof, not really bulletproof.”

In the case of those that are see-through, experts point out that getting in with a gun is as easy as wrapping it in a sweatshirt.

“The truth is that People who come to school with guns often carry them. So I think it’s kind of a security theater to make it look like something is being done and people feel emotionally safe.

Also, Experts stress that parents and school safety officials need to consider whether measures for these rare events are effective. Or they create more anxiety and insecurity for students.

A video of an Oklahoma mom teaching her 5-year-old son how to use a Spider-Man anti-flak backpack and his steps in a shooting situation in his classroom went viral on TikTok this week. (

School shootings in the United States hit a two-decade high in 2021, with a record 93 schoolchildren, according to a report by the National Center for Education Statistics.

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