I’m a handbag collector and you don’t need expensive handbags to spice up your look – here are some unique ways to impress

A PURSE collector proves you don’t need expensive handbags to spice up your look.

ICT Tac User Moriah Dycus showed off her collection of 100 funky handbags – from a porcelain doll to mashed potatoes.


A handbag collector shows off her handbags while sharing the message that you don’t need expensive bags to make a statement (file photo)Credit: Getty
This clip bag is one of her many odd handbags


This clip bag is one of her many odd handbagsCredits: TIKTOK/moriahdycus
Another cool find is a mashed potato purse.


Another cool find is a mashed potato purse.Credits: TIKTOK/moriahdycus

The video was created in response to a request for information on the funniest handbags people own.

The first was a metal trash purse, zipped to the lid.

Next up was a Clorox coin purse, which said it killed “99% of bad vibes” and came complete with a pink glitter and confetti safety guarantee.

There were also binder clips and hair dryer purses.

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Another kick was a Capri Sun handbag, which actually said cats are fun and showed cats surfing the waves.

Next stop was a toaster purse with a Pop-Tart coin purse and the mashed potato purse.

There were oven bags, as well as eyeball and mouth bags.

There was also a prescription purse, meant to cure a make-up addiction.

Keeping with the food theme, there was a TV purse, a Happy Meal purse with fries as the purse, a chicken nugget purse, and a sandwich purse.

An adorable bread tag purse said, “Let’s get that bread.”

Finally, there was a teether purse, an old cell phone purse, an old TV purse, an aquarium purse, a troll purse, and a porcelain doll purse.

Fans’ jaws dropped in the comments.

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“…..this is the greatest collection of anything that has ever existed,” one person said.

“A BREAD LABEL DOOR??? that does these obscure things, I have never been so fascinated before,” another joked.

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