How to get the maker’s mark to pay for your checked baggage in December

If your vacation sees you coming home with a little more than you left behind, Maker’s Mark may be able to help you with that. This holiday season, the bourbon maker is running “Whiskey Flights,” a promotion that will allow the distillery to potentially cover the cost of your checked baggage, which will hopefully contain a bottle or two of bourbon, though the whiskey is not required.

The promotion works for travel from December 15 to 31, so you can also take advantage of it for your flight before the holidays, as long as you have kept this checked baggage receipt.

“As a family brand since our inception in 1953, we’ve always believed that the perfect vacation time begins with you, your loved ones, and a bottle of bourbon to share, and we wouldn’t want anything to get in our way of that weather. quality, ”said Rob Samuels, 8e Generation Whiskey Maker and grandson of the founders of Maker’s Mark.

“We know you can’t take a bottle of Maker’s Mark Bourbon in your carry-on, so we encourage people to check in a bag on their next flight to the vacation destination so they can bring some spirit back to. the house to share. We will take these pesky fees for some lucky travelers.

Here’s how to take advantage of the promotion:

1. Hover between December 15 and December 31, 2021

2. Check in and download your checked baggage receipt from the eligible airline.

3. Roll up! Maker’s Mark is reimbursing up to $ 50,000 in baggage fees this holiday season.

Uploading your receipt doesn’t guarantee you’ll get that refund, but with $ 50,000 in baggage fees refunded, it looks like you probably have a pretty solid chance.

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