Hogwarts House Attributes Tote Bags Arrive at Universal Studios Hollywood

Head into “back to school” at Hogwarts with us and pick up one of these tote bags that celebrate the various attributes of the Hogwarts house!

Gryffindor House Attributes Tote – $45

The red holdall trimmed with a phoenix, heart and flowers is unmistakably Gryffindor, whose crest salutes ‘determination’, ‘courage’ and ‘bravery’.

harry potter bags113218

The inside of the bag features a red and gold checkered pattern that highlights the different parts of the Gryffindor crest.

Hufflepuff House Attributes Tote – $45

harry potter bags112752

The house cup and an hourglass are some of the symbols of Hufflepuff, whose yellow-trimmed tote features the attributes of “devotion,” “patience,” and “loyalty.”

harry potter bags113242

The interior of this bag is yellow and black, the colors of the Hufflepuff house.

harry potter bags112836

Each bag has a zipper.

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Ravenclaw House Attributes Tote – $45

harry potter bags112955

The Ravenclaw blue lined bag honors “mind”, “learning”, and “wisdom”.

harry potter bags113030

While Ravenclaw’s house colors are blue and tan, the checkered interior of this bag is blue and black.

Slytherin House Attributes Tote – $45

harry potter bags113045

This black tote with green trim features a snake and celebrates ‘ambition’, ‘pride’ and ‘cunning’.

harry potter bags113113

The green and silver colors of Slytherin are featured inside this bag.

We found these bags at Filch’s Emporium in Universal Studios Hollywood.

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