Fulton School officials want parents to check backpacks and social media

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– Fulton County Schools Superintendent Mike Looney is asking parents to check students’ backpacks and social media accounts.
– Ten additional campus security guards will be added to schools facing group fights.
– An assistant district attorney is responsible for working with the school district and public safety groups.

Fulton County Schools Superintendent Mike Looney said more pocket knives, box cutters and firearms were being brought to school this year and he needed his parents’ help .

He delivered a direct message during the February 8 school board business meeting to parents and caregivers, asking them to monitor what their children are doing on their devices, what they are saying and posting on social media. And also, what students bring to school.

FCS Superintendent Mike Looney

“I need you to know what’s in their satchel every morning before they leave. Please, please engage your kids so we don’t inadvertently slip or someone brings a pocket knife to school and gets in serious trouble,” Looney said.

As a father of four, he said he knew how tough it was, but he needed parental involvement to keep everyone safe.

Looney said he is using his emergency purchasing power to add 10 additional campus security guards for schools that have had three or more group fights. Since they cannot train new recruits fast enough, they will contract for these services. The expenses will be presented to the Board at its March meeting.

The school district holds community engagement meetings on school discipline. He also engaged with other agencies and officials on the issue.

Looney met with Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis, who assigned an assistant district attorney to partner with the district. They will work to collaborate across departments, with juvenile court, with local law enforcement divisions and others, Looney said.

“We know that to reverse the trend we’re all experiencing — not just in Fulton County schools, but across the country — we need to work together, collaborate and communicate,” he said.

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