FSJ Firefighters Charitable Society, Staples donates 150 backpacks to SD60

FORT ST. JOHN, BC — The Fort St. John Firefighters Charitable Society, in partnership with Fort St. John Staples, has donated 150 backpacks and lunch boxes to School District 60.

Fort St. John Firefighters Charitable Society President Brent Morgan says this is the second year they’ve done the backpack drop-off for the school district.

He says of the 150 bags, only three remain.

Morgan says they give them to the school district, which then distributes them to schools. Principals know which children may need this kind of help.

“We think we live in a big city with a good economy and all that kind of thing, and to see kids needing something so simple, it’s kind of humbling,” Morgan said, “It brings you back to reality.”

Morgan wanted to thank Staples manager Lok Chobra “for giving us so much and donating the remaining backpacks.”

He says the company hopes to continue partnering with Staples to make it an annual event and eventually offer more than just backpacks each year.

Shailynn Foster is a reporter for energycity.ca. Shailynn has been writing since the age of 7, but only recently began her journey as a journalist. Shailynn was born and raised in Fort St. John and she watches way too much YouTube, Netflix and Disney+ during the week while playing DND on the weekends. More From: Shailynn Foster

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