France 23-10 Italy rugby LIVE SCORE: Villière double try puts Les Bleus in charge

FRANCE are looking to get their Six Nations off to a good start as they take on Italy in Paris.

Anything less than a win with a bonus point will suffice as they host the competition’s whipping boys, who haven’t won a game since 2015.

However, it didn’t go all the way as debutant Tommaso Menoncello scored the first try of the game to put the visitors ahead.

But Anthony Jelonch responded by bouncing off a loose pass to put France one point ahead.

And Gabin Villière completed a well-worked move to move the French beyond a try in front of the visitors.

Villere then scored a second try to extend the French lead after the break.


  • France 23 Italy 10

    60. Italy take big hits from these huge French players in their attempts to keep the Blues at bay.

    A replay shows the Italian’s jaw shaking from a French shoulder.

    Resolute defense of Italy.

  • France 23 Italy 10

    57. Menoncello is the Guinness Six Nations’ youngest try scorer.

    Take a bow my son!

    France find contact for a line-up as they make substitutions to bring in new legs.

    The young Italian striker is replaced, a day he will never forget is over for him.

  • France 23 Italy 10

    54. Italy are starting to lose line-ups and possession of gifts to the French too easily.

    France seeks to break through the Italian defense with brute force seeking to force openings.

    Italy manages to spin the ball.

  • France 23 Italy 10

    52. It is now ten important minutes for Italy.

    To be competitive, they need an immediate response.

    Half an hour from the end, if France starts to dominate, Italy could be on the verge of hiding.

  • France 23 Italy 10

    50. Jaminet’s kick misses the posts.

    A respite for France now, let it not be as much as they would like.

  • Try – France 23 Italy 10

    48. Dupont sees nothing and takes it and recovers the ball and they put Villière at distance.

    He dodges an Italian player who crosses the line in flamboyant fashion.

  • France 18 Italy 10

    46. ​​France use a penalty to find contact near the Italian line.

    The French earn their own roster and advance.

    Phase after phase until the referee awards a penalty to Italy.

  • France 18 Italy 10

    44. Garbisi kicks high in the air trying to get under it himself.

    He’s a long way from reaching the distance he wanted and that makes it easy for France to win the ball back and then break through in the middle.

    Italy does well to throw the ball back.

  • France 19 Italy 10

    43. TMO examines it to see if a try has been scored in that phase of play.

    They confirm that Danty does not score, Fischetti retained it.

    It appears that Jelonch illegally recovered the ball from the ruck, without trying.

  • France 18 Italy 10

    42. Danty explodes down the middle with Italian tackles bouncing off him.

    Fischetti brilliantly manages to seemingly hold him on the line.

    If he didn’t found that, what defense by Fischetti.

  • France 18 Italy 10

    40. The winner of this year’s Robot Wars brings us the ball.

    France starts the second half.

  • TH: France 18 Italy 10

    Kieran Crowley will be pleased with his side’s performance in the first half.

    They have been competitive in all areas, surprising the home fans by going ahead at one point.

    They made mistakes which cost them dearly in points but that won’t bother the coach too much as mistakes can be corrected.

    In previous seasons, Italy never seemed to have the cardio in them to pass the sixty-minute mark without hitting the wall.

    Big second half for the Italians.

  • TH: France 18 Italy 10

    The whistle ends the first half.

    Good end to the half with France coming back in front after the scare of Italy scoring and converting a try.

    Italy played well and matched France in most areas.

    Some errors, however, proved costly.

  • France 18 Italy 10

    40+1 Jaminet slips through the uprights to give France breathing space to have more than one try past their opponents.

  • Try – France 16 Italy 10

    40. Villière takes the pass on the wing with a two-on-one situation and crosses the line.

    Good play from France showing that they were right not to shoot on goal from the penalty spot.

  • France 11 Italy 10

    39. Italy have the scrimmage and use quick hands under pressure to try and clear the ball but award a penalty.

    France does not take easy points and leaves on the sidelines.

    Not long before halftime for that to count.

  • France 11 Italy 10

    38. France advances seeking to cross the Italian lines.

    Marchand is doing well for the French.

    Danty takes the ball and a fantastic tackle from Italy saves a try for sure.

  • France 11 Italy 10

    36. France sinks again into the Italian half.

    Desperate to score more points before half time.

    Varney is penalized for a “seat belt” challenge.

    France opts for the search for touch.

  • Penalty – France 11 Italy 10

    34. The French put points on the board.

    Solid kick from Jaminet in wet conditions.

  • France 8 Italy 10

    33. Italy pressured France well, giving them no time on the ball.

    At first the French are penalized following a bad handling but the decision is then reversed when the images show an Italian accidentally offside.

    Penalty France.

  • France 8 Italy 10

    31. Varney takes the ball under pressure past his own posts.

    France tries this ground kick to create chances.

    Italy held firm and passed the tests imposed by the French.

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