Essential: 5 Classic Designer Handbags Every Woman Needs

Bag trends are different from fabric trends because most people stick to the classic designs which always appreciate in price. Some people consider these bags as investments because you can still earn a fortune selling these bags on the black market.

1. Birkin

This bag is coveted by women all over the world, so there is a real waiting list. Even though the bag costs $15,000 (over 10 million naira), you must also prove that you have $15,000 in your account.

Birkins were made in 1984 when the actress Jane Birkin complained to the former owner of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas on a flight that she could not find a bag adapted to her needs as a young mother.

Birkins has become a symbol of class and fashion. They go well with more corporate looks.

2. Quilted Chanel bag

Chanel bags are one of the most beautiful and practical bags ever made. They are so popular that there are many counterfeits and imitations.

They come in different colors and designs and an original Chanel bag costs around $7,900 (over five million naira)

3. Dame Dior

This bag is impeccably made and sewn by hand. It was made in 1947 and had a different name, the first lady of France bought it for princess diana in 1995, and it was renamed Lady Dior in her honor. This immaculate handbag is very casual. It cost around $14,000 (over nine million naira).

4. Dior saddle bag

It was pretty popular in the 90s and it’s been popping up lately. The Dior saddle bag has an interesting boat shape which is very popular among the Gen Z crowd. It costs around $2000. (Almost two million naira)

5. Louis Vuitton Alma bag

If you’re a chic lady without the alma bag, we might be a little worried about what kind of bags you have. It was originally made only for Coco Chanel until she granted it to Louis Vuitton to make it public in 1934.

The Louis Vuitton monogram print on the page is one of the reasons it is so popular. It costs between $2,000 and $12,000. (Two million to eight million naira).

The high exchange rate is part of the reason it’s so expensive. However, many of these fake bags are sold and even worn by some celebrities, so you can still get an imitation.

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