Dragons’ Den Barking Bags – where can I buy dog ​​backpacks?

Dragons’ Den continues on BBC One this week and one of the locations is another pet business – so where can you buy bark bags?

Episode four of the popular series should come with a “Hankies Required” warning.

A budding entrepreneur bursts into tears after her pitch – and she’s not the only one!

Yes, it’s true, some of these ruthless dragons have hearts after all!

So what are the locations featured in episode four of series 19 of Dragons’ Den?

Dragons’ Den Barking Bags – will dog owner Steven Bartlett make a bid? (Credit: BBC One)

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Impossibrew non-alcoholic beer

The first budding entrepreneur to pitch his ideas to the multi-millionaire Dragons is 24-year-old Mark Wong.

But will investors Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies and Steven Bartlett make an offer?

Mark explains that his childhood – where he was the “only Asian child in school” – led him to an important realization…

That being able to make a cocktail or brew a beer meant he was invited to parties.

Marc’s business is Impossible brew – a plant-based, low-alcohol, mood-enhancing alternative to beer.

Mark, a beer lover, “studied alcohol professionally from the age of 18”.

However, one day he received disturbing news about his liver and was advised to stop drinking.

Which led him to look for alternative, non-alcoholic options.

Mark began looking for a healthy, relaxing alternative to alcohol that was more than “alcohol-free”.

He discovered how his Asian ancestors used herbs for effects on body and mind.

Mark found a way to put these brews and herbs into the “beer”, which helps with relaxation.

Cans start at £2.50 on their official website.

And each bottle contains 49 calories.

Dragons’ Den Bark Bags

Next, a dog-loving husband and wife team from Milton Keynes grounds barking bags.

Retired teachers Rob Angell and Debbie Greaves started their pet accessories business later in life.

They hope to secure investment to expand their award-winning business.

Debbie and Rob created Barking Bags – a “dog backpack” – in an effort to find a way to carry everything they need to train or walk their pooch Maisie.

Debbie says: “We offer a range of high quality, water resistant unisex fabrics as well as premium luxury leather bags.

“But, in response to customer demand, we are also producing a vegan range.

“These allow you to carry all the essentials you need.”

The bags include a poop bag dispenser and plenty of pockets and side pockets for water, toys, snacks, and even poop (until you find a trash can).

The multi-purpose bags start with a Diddy bag priced at £20 and go up to an extra-large black leather bag at £65.

Will dog lover Deborah Meaden – who is still nursing her fractured wrist – offer to invest?

Lair of the Dragons by Peter Jones
Will Peter Jones bite in Dragons’ Den? (Credit: BBC One)

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Dragons’ Den Bark Bags – Opal Eco

Liverpool engineer Louis Claeys hopes he has found the formula for success with his eco-friendly disinfectant.

He pitches his range of “avant-garde and revolutionary” products called Opal Eco.

This is a biodegradable range of environmentally friendly cleaning products, including an all-purpose antibacterial sanitizer.

Opal Eco replaces harmful chemical ingredients with gentler cleaning fusions – without compromising quality or performance.

The all-purpose antibacterial sanitizer costs £9.99 for 500ml, or a three-pack costs £21.49 (the larger the order, the cheaper the product).

They also sell microfiber cloths and will soon offer a multi-surface cleaner.

Opal Eco replaces chemicals with the same organic acids produced in plants – and Peter Jones assures us that the product “smells great”.

Lair of the Dragons by Deborah Meaden
Deborah Meaden continues to treat her fractured wrist on Dragons’ Den. (BBC One)

Dragons’ Den Land – The Little Loop

London-based mum-of-two Charlotte Morley is aiming to go global with her subscription-based children’s clothing brand.

The little loop is the first shared wardrobe for children in the UK.

It’s a planet-friendly company that recycles beloved clothing from ethical, often expensive, brands.

The subscription service allows you to “get all the clothes you need, in one place, for a cost-effective defined budget”.

You can then swap clothes when you’re done with them.

First, you sign up for a rental plan and receive credits to spend on renting clothes from their wardrobe.

Spend your credits on exactly the items your child or children need at that age.

There’s even stain and wear insurance included.

Subscribers pay £18 a month and can then ‘swap and repeat’ – swapping items whenever they want, as often as they want.

Ethical and sustainable brands include Mini Boden, Frugi, Grass & Air, Wilder Ones and Little Green Radical.

Will the Dragon’s opt for the anti “fast fashion” business?

Dragons’ Den continues on BBC One Thursdays at 8 p.m.

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