Designer handbags to buy in May 2022

Do you like bags? Well, you might want to put these top versions of the fashion world on your list. From trendy clutches to eye-catching handbags, these are the best new designer handbags to add to your collection in May.

Tod’s Vacanze Italiane Bags

For those who are perpetually on vacation

The epitome of the perfect ‘weekend bag’, Tod’s new bag designs – part of the brand’s ‘Vacanze Italiane’ summer collection – are inspired by the Italian holiday lifestyle. Putting fun, joy and entertainment at the forefront, these designer handbags feature leather, charming raffia detailing and design styles dedicated to the summer season.

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Prada Raffia Tote Bag

To subtly show off everything you own

Raffia is the name of the game this summer, but for those who still want to keep it stylish, Prada’s deconstructed bag in black might just be the perfect choice. The classic vacation silhouette gets a contemporary twist, while retaining just enough vacation vibe to accompany you wherever you go, whether it’s a remote island or brunch in town. The classic Prada logo is embroidered on the front of the accessory, for a perfect beach bag with a sophisticated touch.

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Mulberry’s new Sadie silhouettes

For something young and fun

This summer 2022, Mulberry is giving its popular Sadie silhouette a different twist, with youthful designs and bright, vibrant colors. From the playful Mini Sadie – a smaller version, available in a range of brightly colored leathers – to the boxy Sadie Square and Sadie Rectangle, each design makes a statement while maintaining a carefree aesthetic perfect for everyday wear. We especially love the multi-functional look – an adjustable shoulder strap and top-handle chain offer multiple ways to carry, while each design is perfect for day-to-night use. Colors include lawn green, coral orange and mulberry pink.

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The Fendace collection

For the boldest of both worlds

Versace and Fendi made waves on the fashion scene this season, with the announcement of their new collaboration, Versace by Fendi. Celebrating women, friendship, and the positive energy you get when supportive women come together, each “Fendace” design is bold, brave, and filled with love. The tote, in particular, is perfect for those looking to really make a statement. Fendi’s iconic logomania is combined with the Medusa symbol that defines Versace, making it the perfect companion for those who aren’t afraid to express themselves.

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Bottega Veneta 03 Lounge

For the cute and compact

We were first offered a glimpse of Bottega’s Turn Pouch range in wardrobe 03, as part of the small leather goods collection, and even then we couldn’t wait for more. Now offered in new sizes, colors and materials, Salon 03 sees new iterations available in small and medium sizes. Designed to be both bold and playful, a gold metallic sphere holds the bag together, transforming the clutch into a half moon that fits snugly around the shoulder. A small, unique statement, the silhouette manages to complement any outfit and comes in Parakeet Gold, Lantern Gold, Acid Kiwi Gold, Black Gold and White Gold.

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Tod’s T Timeless

To get things done during summer vacation

While we’re all for weekend bags and summertime fun, there are times when you just feel like you’re in the mood to buckle up and hurry. If that’s how you feel, we recommend the Tod’s T Timeless bag. Sleek and sophisticated, yet coming together in a soft form, the design offers an effortlessly chic look that’s perfect for everything from casual lunches to a client meeting. Colorways include classic hues such as brick and brown, accented with bright hints of yellow, turquoise and bright red.

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Dior’s new Vibe line

For the form (… and the form soon)

Dior is getting into sportswear this season by unveiling a modern wardrobe inspired by sportswear: biker shorts, polo shirts and jackets. What we particularly like is the new Dior Vibe bowling bag. Available in three sizes – a small yellow and blue version, a medium natural-hued version and a cerulean blue hobo version – these bags are ideal for fit and active people, or those planning to switch to an active lifestyle this summer. For something even more versatile, the clutch is also a must-have.

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