Compost sandwich bags are useful, good for the environment

Compost Home Compostable Resealable Sandwich Bags ($16.99) – from Amazon

Hannah Kowalczyk Harper for Hearst

Plastic sandwich bags are handy for kids school lunches, camping, hiking and travel. However, this convenience comes at a high cost. These bags are made from crude oil, a non-renewable, polluting and non-biodegradable resource.

But at least you can put it in your recycling bin after you use them, right? Nope! Putting sandwich bags in your curbside recycling bin can cause a lot more harm than good. Since the plastic is so thin, it is considered “plastic film” and can clog recycling machines, sometimes causing them to stop temporarily. You can sometimes take them back to grocery stores, but a much better solution is to use unmade bags. plastic first.

I use Compostic sandwich bags instead. These bags are safe for your microwave and freezer. Compostic bags are not only 100% plastic free, but you can also put them in your home compost! However, it is recommended to cut the top.

Compostable Home Resealable Sandwich Bags

Compostable Home Resealable Sandwich Bags


It’s even safe for vermicomposting, which is when worms recycle organic matter (like food scraps) into rich soil (vermicompost). I gave some of my sandwich bags to my mom who added them to her worm bins. The worms declined to comment on the taste of the bags, but they are still thriving, so the bags indeed seemed safe for vermicomposting.

Even safe for vermicomposting

Even safe for vermicomposting

Hannah Kowalczyk-Harper for Hearst

Compostic’s sandwich bags measure 7″ x 7″, which is slightly larger than most plastic sandwich bags. I pulled out an old box of plastic sandwich bags from before my change and these bags are only 6 ½” x 5 ⅞”. The sandwich bread I usually use needs to be a little wider than other breads, because I always had to smash it a little to make the sandwiches fit in bags.

This is not a problem at all with my Compostic bags since they are bigger. If you don’t have any of their snack-sized bags on hand, you can also use them for hiking snacks, like dried fruit and nuts.

As the weather improves and I start having picnics and other outdoor activities, I will be using my sandwich bags and other Compostic products a lot more. I like knowing that my bags decompose much faster (about 24 weeks in a home compost or 12 weeks in a commercial composting facility) and don’t end up in the ocean. Plus, the roomier size is a nice plus.

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