CMS will try to auction 46,000 unused transparent backpacks

CHARLOTTE, NC (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools will attempt to auction off the 46,000 unused clear backpacks following a snafu over a missed health warning label, documents show.

The Board of Education is due to vote on the issue on Tuesday at 6 p.m.

The issue arose after the district ordered the backpacks for students from schools for safety purposes. It was only after the labels with a cancer warning were noticed.

Last day of CMS classes wraps up tough year for district

Shortly thereafter, CMS voted to oust Superintendent Earnest Winston.

The agenda says that, among other things, bidders will be allowed to line up in an auction format for various surpluses in the district, including furniture, electronics and 46,000 bags of books.

$500,000 was spent on the backpacks and the Board of Ed was unsure how they were going to be reimbursed.

The last day of classes was this week and graduations continued on Saturday as council chairwoman Elyse Dashew and other council members wrapped up a tough year for the district.

Body scanners were installed in high schools, there were several student sexual assault protests in the district, and several high school football teams had to give up wins because they faced ineligible student-athletes.

The tumultuous year culminated in Winston’s firing in April.

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