Clear handbags, handbags, lunch boxes adopted for the next school year in Lafayette

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Changes are coming Lafayette Parish schools regarding clear bag policies.

It comes after the school board voted on some changes at its meeting on Wednesday.

In the next school year, 2022/23, all purses and purses and most lunch boxes must be clear and intended for all elementary, middle and high school students.

The school board says lunch boxes that aren’t clear should be smaller, about 9″ by 6″ by 5″.

The board says the change is to keep students and teachers safe.

Some parents, however, don’t see the point.

“First of all, where is the data to prove that this is going to make students safer? Because everything should be data-driven, as it is in the classroom for teachers and students. Everything should be data-driven. So I would like to see where the data is that proves this is going to make our students safer,” said Rachel Mouton.

Mouton, a mother of two, says she wonders how clear lunch boxes will make her children safer at school and says it might just be an added expense for parents.

“I mean, for us, what it’s going to look like is they’re going to have their regular lunch bag in a clear lunch bag because they can’t keep their food in a clear lunch bag and keep it cool all day. It is therefore useless. It’s just going to cost me more money,” she added.

After hearing concerns from parents and teachers, the school board voted to allow students the choice of clear lunch bags or lunch bags no larger than 9 x 6 x 5 inches. This policy, they say, could help keep guns out of schools.

School board members say law enforcement is also supportive of the idea, as it adds another layer of protection in a world where mass shootings are increasingly common.

Continuing the clear bag policy, the school board says purses and purses at all schools must also be clear this upcoming school year. A small cosmetic bag for more privacy will be allowed.

The school board is also recommending transparent or mesh backpacks for elementary students this coming school year. Next school year, they will be compulsory.

Middle and high school students are also required to have transparent or mesh backpacks, but this policy has been in place for years.

Athletes are permitted to bring duffel bags to school for their sports equipment.

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