Charity Backpacks of Love impressed with local support

“The North Bay community has once again stepped up to support those of its members in need”

The organizers of the charity event Backpacks of Love are delighted with the support of the community.

“The North Bay community has, once again, stepped up to support those of its members in need,” Backpacks of Love lead organizer Rebecca Riesen said in a statement.

“Continuing the Backpacks of Love with our second summer campaign in June, the North Bay Homeless Compassionate Committee has appealed to the community to donate generously.”

The volunteer committee packed 57 hygiene bags filled with toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, antiperspirant, lip balm, socks and more. In addition to hygiene bags, toilet paper bags, underwear, can openers, ponchos, reusable bags and devotions were donated to the North Bay Crisis Centre, the Indigenous Friendship Centre, the Gathering Place and the Aids Committee of North Bay; frontline organizations that provide much-needed help to homeless people in North Bay.

“Organizations like The Gathering Place, the North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre, the Aids Committee of North Bay and the Crisis Center were very excited and grateful to receive the donated sacks and bags as they prepared the homeless for the weather. hot to come.

The organizers also thank the North Bay churches and individuals who donated essential items and money during our drop-off days.

The North Bay Homeless Compassion Committee was established in February 2021 and based on the research conducted, the Backpacks of Love campaign was born.

“With 10 churches involved and 20 volunteers through faith, service and social justice, we are responding to the urgent needs of the homeless and engaging with all levels of government to ensure homelessness is at the center of the political arena,” says Leah Pierce. , President.

What’s next for this faith-filled committee? We are pausing for the summer, and then in September we will come together to strategize to meet the urgent needs of the homeless and to advocate for creative ways to develop much-needed shelters and affordable housing.

The committee is made up of congregants from churches primarily in downtown North Bay, who have come together to address the immediate needs of the homeless. Its aim is to work with all levels of government, existing support services and organizations to find housing for homeless people who want it.

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