Brooks Scape expands its range of bike bags

Posted on September 1, 2022 by Cory Benson

The Brooks Scape range of bike bags is expanding to meet the needs of bigger adventures with three new packs and a toned new look for their existing range. On the new front bag, that means two-thirds more storage in a longer top tube bag, the welcome move to versatile direct mount possibilities for the shorter version, and a larger partial frame bag to better optimize space inside larger bikes. And in the end, black is still the new black…

Brooks expands Scape bike bags

vs. Brooks England

It’s only been a few years since Brooks adapted its classic style, more touring oriented bike luggage into lightweight, waterproof rackless bike bags with the launch of its Scape line. And they already followed it up last fall with more options to carry more. Now, the new top tube and frame bags take the transport of adventure gear to the next level…

Long top tube bag

Brooks Scape Bike Bags, Top Tube Bag Long on bike

The new $70 Brooks Scape Top Tube Long Bag is the biggest addition, extending lower into your top tube to store more gear within easy reach and 15% wider overall. The new bag is 16cm longer than the original Scape Top Tube Bag, adding 67% more internal storage capacity up to 1.5L now.

Bike bags Brooks Scape, Top Tube Bag Long mud green

The new 37cm long x 11cm high x 4.6cm wide bag features a few strap attachment points on the bottom – which align with the Scape frame bag straps for a clean setup – more a loop to fix it around the pivot and a second to tie it around the seat post.

Bike bags Brooks Scape, Top Tube Bag Long black

The longer heat-sealed bag features a two-way waterproof zipper for easy access from both ends, a padded base and sides to protect your gear, a front cable port, reflective logos and the dark khaki option from Brooks Scape.Mud‘ more discreet green or black.

Top tube bag with bolts

Brooks Scape, Top Tube Bag with Bolts in black

The other new toptube pack gets a less exciting, but informative name – Top Tube Bag with Bolts – in line with a shift in the trend of more bikes being fitted with toptube racks these days. The 0.9L dry bag doesn’t really change except that it now includes the strap and bolt-on mounting option, with an internal stiffener to provide support and the same steering strap for the keep safe.

Brooks Scape Bike Bags, Top Tube Bag with Bolts or Straps

The 21x11x4cm Top Tube Bag with Bolts sells for the same $70 as the Long Bag (which doesn’t offer a bolt-on mount) and comes in the same Mud & Black colors.

Large frame bag

Brooks Scape Bike Bags, Frame Bag Large, muddy

Like the larger top tube bag, this longer Scape Frame Bag Large also carries more gear, with 1/5 more internal storage volume up to 3.5L. But more than just carrying more, the longer bag is designed to better fit taller frames, so you don’t leave wasted space between the bag and the seat tube.

Brooks Scape Bike Bags, Frame Bag Large, Angled

The Frame Bag Large is now 50cm long x 12cm high x 6cm wide, making it only 4cm longer than the standard partial frame bag and 15g heavier at 215g now. But it will fill the horizontal space better inside larger bikes, especially those with more traditional horizontal top tubes.

Brooks Scape, Frame Bag Large mud green

The longer bag has the same $115 retail price as the original and is also available in mud or black.

Brooks Scape Bike Bags – Availability and Black Options

Brooks Scape panniers, black Handlebar roll

In addition to the three new bags, Brooks has also added black color options to four more of their original bags that were previously mud-only. Now bikepackers can pick up the $150 Handlebar Roller, $140 Full Frame Bag, $160 Larger Seat Bag and $55 Feed Pouch Bottle Bag in black to mix and match for all their off-road riding needs. Now it looks like only the touring-style handlebar holster, compact commuter handlebar bag, and mid-size saddle roll bag remain tough only in the more traditional-inspired Mud color.

Brooks Scape bike bags, ready for adventure

All new bags and new black bags are available today directly from the Brooks website. And you’ll be able to find them in brick-and-mortar at Brooks retailers within the next 10 days.

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